"The kids these don’t say Cool, they say Slammin." "This movie is so 2008."

On Tuesday, Moon Unit and I left the country, and traveled the winding road to the bustling metropolis of /Location Censored/, where Rose lives. We were going to have a sleepover, where we were going to overdose on sugar, watch movies with much hilarity, and attempt to not sleep. And we were successful. 😀
Moon Unit’s and Rose’s friend Carter was back from Post-Secondary Education in Vancouver, full of stories and hilarity. So we made a three layer chocolate cake and chocolate icing of Doom, with much laughing and washing dishes. Seriously, this was some intense icing. *shakes head*

Moon Unit makes icing.
 Regretably, one of the cake layers broke coming out of the pan, so we just had to eat it in broken pieces, dipped in the icing. Such hardship. 
Some hilarity with Moon Unit and Carter. 
And then we descended into the depths of the darkened basement, and watched, *hushed voice*, Twilight. For those who have managed to escape this, it’s a story about a “normal” girl who falls in love with a good vampire. Who sparkles in the sun. *dry tone* It’s a fangirl phenomenon, and you’d be hard pressed to find a teenage girl who is not mildly to moderately obsessed with the franchise. But because we’re special, we managed to find four teenage or near-teenage girls who are not obsessed. Throw in Rose’s older brother, and her older sister and her husband, and we had to watch it with the subtitles on, we were laughing so hard. ^_^
At this point, the sun was just going down. 
Question: What to do next? 
Answer: Make pull taffy!
We let Moon Unit, who is adept with a Candy Thermometer, stir the candy, while I took pictures, Carter regaled us with tales of the Wild West Coast, and Rose looked up shiny information on the internet.
Eventually the taffy was done, and we pulled it, with massive hilarity and concentration. Pulling taffy is harder than you’d think. It seems to be going along fine, and then suddenly you’ve got a handful of sticky spaghetti trying to escape your grasp. 

Here’s our taffy in the end. Aren’t you jealous?
And then we decamped down the to basement again, with a coil of candy. Where we crammed four girls and a lot of sugar and ginger beer on one couch, and watched Stargate Atlantis. We universally considered this to be much higher art than Twilight, which either reflects really poorly on us, or on Twilight, depending on your viewpoint. Sometime at about the sixth episode, we were chased upstairs by Rose’s brother, who had this strange idea that he should sleep sometime, and we were making too much noise. Silly Boy. *shakes head* And then we talked of dreams and creepy people met at work, and books and tv shows, and fell sleep at some point, I assume, due to a gap in my memory. 
Then we made waffles and talked and watched a little more Stargate, and left Rose to her own devices. It was an excellent sleepover.

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