"You burn like the sun, but all I need is the moon."

It’s been sunny here for several days, and things are turning green. Green? What is this? This is Newfoundland, I’m not supposed to have to cope with green! The warmer temperatures have reminded me of the fact that my skin always decides to develop eczema  when I can walk around without a coat on. *sigh* At least I probably won’t have to deal with florida temperatures this year! See, there is an upside to everything! 

And yes, this post really has nothing of note in it. You should just go give up and go to Tims, and drink some coffee. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely plan? *nods* Yes, yes it does. Get me a medium double double double cupped, please?
At any rate, this is May Two Four weekend, based on the close proximity of Victoria day. Now, as everyone knows, May Two Four opens the national parks. Therefore, it’s the beginning of summer camping seasons! Most of town, it seems are spending the weekend out at cabins, breaking in some Christmas Presents at the parks, or just pulled off the road at some gravel pits somewhere. (Wasn’t that a clear sentence? I’m proud. I can write, I can!) This camping is unshakable tradition. It is also tradition that the weather is always AWEFUL for May Two Four. Spitting rain, sleet, fog, snow, clouds of mosquitoes, we get it all. And then when it snowed last weekend, the general consensus was that this weekend was going to be one for the history books. Flash floods and lightning strikes and things of that ilk were loudly predicted. 
Only now, as I think I have previously mentioned, it is sunshiny and gorgeous out. Newfoundland weather; never what you expect. 

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