"You call this a favour?" "Yeah, you owe me one."

Fraulein and I made it to St. John’s safely. 

We also made it across the city, which was tricky. 
And then we watched Star Trek. *maniac grin* It was very fun. Even Fraulein liked it, and she is not exactly a science-fiction fan. 
{Warning: What follows is just happy ranting. You may want to leave.}
Oh my, SO many lovely quotes. Even the main characters had good lines, which I wasn’t expecting. Usually I don’t particularly like or care about the main characters, I’m all caught up in the perils of the secondary- and more expendable- people. But this time I cared about everybody! It was particularly strange becuase I knew how things were supposed to be, in the original series, whereas the entire idea of this movie is that it turns the original series on it’s ear, gives it a good shake, and puts the broken pieces back together in new and interesting ways. 
Let’s see. The opening sequence was shiny. Lots of explosions and drama. I almost cried, though the person behind me did that for everyone in the area. 😀
And Captain Pike! I LURVED Captain Pike! I wanted him to be in charge! He’s an actual trustworthy chap! *waves hands* Though of course they had to get him out of the way so that the young people could take the leadership roles. That is one of the things that was interesting to me with this film. It had to be the young people that always saved the day, all the old ways lead to death or disfavor. *shrugs* Which I’m not sure if I agree with, in general life. It worked in the context of the movie and what the ship was that supposed to be doing, so I think it shall continue to make sense if and when the franchise continues, but it’s not an idea I’d base my life around? Sometimes youth and imagination does not trump experience and actual leadership, that’s all. *nods*
ANYHOW! The contrast between Spock’s and Kirk’s childhoods and how they dealt with early adulthood was lovely. Not only did the worlds look marvelous, (can I take a moment now to fangirl over how the film looked? *squueeeee!!!!* Okay I’m good.) but it set up the issues both main characters were dealing with, and the way they leaned in the face of pressure. And everything looked really pretty. Have I mentioned I love the design of the ship, the worlds, and everything? Yeah. It was Sooooo matchy. All right, we’re good. Again. 
Oh, and the trailer made it look like there were all kinds of “hide your eyes, children,” scenes, but in the actual film there were surprisingly few. I was happy that Mr. Abrams didn’t feel it necessary to update the scandalous content of the story to a modern level. I mean, we all know it’s there, this is Kirk after all, a character who lent his name to an entire Genre of character types, we don’t need to have it spelled out more than sketchily. Heh, I’m so punny. *cough*
And the plot was, well, meh. It served its purpose, made for some shiny space battles, and set up some really interesting things for the future of the franchise. But I didn’t really care about the bad guy, or even find him particularly blood-chilling. *flaps hand at Villain* Go, make your little revenge scheme. See if we care. Maybe it was because he was so pathetically unstable? I like sane bad guys, who have restraint and delicacy and stuff. And that makes a very different kind of sense if you were inside my head, but you’re not, so just nod and smile, people. Just nod and smile and back away. 
Character roundup!
  • Uhura: Feisty, interesting in a vague way, GJ not going for the blue-eyed-wonderkind! Go stand over there, please. You don’t need to write.
  • McCoy: *chortles* I liked him. Bad tempered, good at his job, has opinions, and you’re gonna hear them! Let’s see more!
  • Kirk: Has an awful lot of good lines, and wears scars, blood and bruises surprisingly well. Smart-mouthed kid. *shakes head* I’ll watch you from a distance. Long distance. From this universe. *waves* Have fun out there!
  • Spock: Fascinating. I have no further comment on the matter. 
  • Scotty: He didn’t have hardly any screen time! He should have MORE!!! *waves hands in an excited fashion* And I was heartily annoyed at what Spock did to him. And then he saved the day, of course. 😀 
  • (Related- Walnut Man: Was cute. *grins* )
  • Old Spock: Go away. Now. I mean it. Oh great, go mess with people’s minds and realities, why don’tcha? Arrogant Hobgoblin.
  • Sulu: Made of Win! Expandable swords are TOTALLY win, and you FLY that ship, man! As long as you take the parking brake off first. Oh, burn. 
  • Chekov: Also has a lamentably short amount of screen time. What, they thought that the men with accents couldn’t by understood other than that they were poked fun at for talking funny? Gosh, dudes. “Oh, I can do that! I can do that!” That made me grin. I don’t quite understand his rank/shirt colour, though. Wasn’t Chekov supposed to be enlisted? At that age, I’d certainly hope so. I need to find a listing of uniform design. *rummages about the internet* 
  • Pike: Made. Of. Win. I think I mentioned this. Go the Old Guy! 
  • Nero: You need a hobby, man.
Yep, I liked it. I can haz moer noew plz?

3 thoughts on “"You call this a favour?" "Yeah, you owe me one."

  1. Haha glad you liked it! I’m not sure if we could continue being friends otherwise. I agree with most of what you said, although I’m surprised you liked Pike so much. I think I automatically predicted he was gonig to die, so I didn’t let myself get attached? But he’s pretty jolly. I also liked Nero. Not LOVED, but I thought he was interesting. Especially his really inconsistent speech patterns. OH plus I LOVED LOVED LOVEDDDDDD the Romulan costumes. I WANT THEIR COATS! Lolz.

  2. I am glad you didn’t have to wait for this to come out on DVD to see it. I keep snatching bits of it while I’m on projectionist duty; I’d forgotten how good it is.

    Yes. I had forgotten within three weeks. You have permission to shoot me.

    (Hmm, the word verificaysh this time is “fetcher.” Do you handpick these or what?”)

  3. @ Bahnree: I didn’t even notice their coats! Fail fail fail! Must watch again to notice the coats!!!!

    @PCB: No, the word verification is random. 😀 And yes, boy, you deserve to be shot. Perhaps I’ll get some of my followers to do so for me. 🙂

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