"I just spent 500 pound on an unauthorized expense." "And you think you still work here?"

PT’s home for the weekend! He’s grown a fetchingly red goatee, which was disconcerting to witness. I pinpointed the source of at least a little of my disconcertion when I realized that, from the angle at which I was staring at him, he looked a little like a faun. Despite my mind’s willingness to dive into Narnia or Classical Greece at any time, it has not yet progressed to presenting me with fictional beings at the dinner table. So that’s why I was staring, PT, sorry. It looks lovely, really it does. 😀

So there has been much celebration upon the advent of PT’s return for four days, and upon the morrow we perhaps shall venture unto T’gate, there to climb cliffs and take profuse pictures of our siblings participating in the aforementioned vertical activity. Moreover, I have not the slightest idea why I am talking in this manner, unless it is perhaps attributable to the Tylenol, Midol and Coffee I have been eating over the course of the past five hours.

I’ve discovered the effects pane in iphoto, which causes me much joy. And yes, that is a tree I was wearing in my hair yesterday. I was gardening, see.

4 thoughts on “"I just spent 500 pound on an unauthorized expense." "And you think you still work here?"

  1. I was trying so very hard to figure out what your latest fb profile pic depicted. But now I know. Though, it is slightly disconcerting that an explanation involving a tree in your hair would cause anything to make more sense to me.

    Also, you look subtly displeased about something in the second photo. Perhaps the change in the world’s colour spectrum that had occurred just then.

    Also also, I have decided to start using your word verification things as names in my stories. “Puddlech” is just too good to pass up.

  2. Hahahahahaha

    I’m SO glad to have the tree thing cleared up!!! When you tweeted or fbed or whatever about having a tree in your hair I got all sorts of mental pictures, but none of them matches teh reel thing. 😀

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