Stargate watching, commence!

Let’s spend the day watching a pilot! Good idea, let’s! ^_^

I’ve never really understood the whole "several Million years ago" thing. But hey, it looks pretty!

*sigh* Pilots are always slightly lame when they have to introduce everyone and everything. But hey there’s McKay! And Carson! Making things better. Oh wait no Carson’s setting off Missiles/Drones. About that…

And there’s Sheppard! Being flyboy and disobeying orders. Nice way to set up the character right away.

Carson: "I think I feel something. It could be lunch related!"
McKay: "Shut. Up. And concentrate!"

Oh HA!
McKay: "We need the Zed Pee Em to power the gate."
O’Neil: "What?"
Jackson: "The Zee Pee Em."
McKay: "I’m Canadian."
O’Neil: "I’m sorry."

O’Neil: "That was a waste of a perfectly good explanation."

Elizabeth is so sincere. I laugh in her general direction.

O’Neil: "I said don’t touch anything!"
Sheppard: "I-I just sat down."

Oh, the good-bye montoge. I missed this the first time around.
There’s Carson’s mom! And Ford’s grandparents!

And we’re ready to go! I love how international this is.

"I don’t answer to you."
"He said the same to me, sir."
"That’s what your sidearm is for."

Heheheh, everyone’s flexing their power muscles. It’s amusing.

Weir: *who is bouncy* "Seriously doctor, calm down, it’s embarrassing."
McKay: *serene* "I’ve never been so excited in my entire life."

Funny, this gate scene makes me feel so patriotic. And I’m not american. hehehe
Yay Atlantis!
Sheppard is magic! Everything lights up when he’s around! ^_^

FORESHADOWING!!!! Hologram gives bad news. Too bad you’ve just cut yourself off from your only exit.
hehehhe. "Useing power, using power, using power…" McKay takes himself so seriously.

to recap, they have limited power, there’s a scary threat, and now they’re exploring in the dark. This day is just full of good omens.

Children, and now Howling! I have doubts about Howling’s, uh, orientation. Moving on!
Okay, the kids are being cute, and dropping hints about monsters called Wraith. DUM DUM DUM
Now we introduce Teyla!

Teyla: "We do not trade with strangers."
Sheppard: "Well then, we’ll just have to get to know each other! Me- I like college football, ferris wheels, and anything that goes over 200 miles an hour."
Ford: *aside* "You do realize that isn’t going to mean anything to these people."
Sheppard: *aside back* "Then feel free to jump in!"

Sheppard is definitely not being inclined to follow orders.
Oh, a deserted city! Mysterious!
And again with the mention of the Wraith. *dramatic music*
So we’re going to investigate the ancient city, against the ancient superstitions of the native people. Somehow I’m getting bad vibes. Oh, and magic moments with Teyla. *dour*

Weir: "Tell me some good news, Rodney."
McKay: "I can’t do that."

So we’re about to be flooded in Atlantis. Good times!
Meanwhile, Teyla gives a lesson in the Wraith to Sheppard who "doesn’t look right through her as if she isn’t there." Good times with necklaces.
And foreboding things with the Wraith. They don’t sound like friendly people!
Oooo, bad things with the gate! Screaming ships of doom!

… Maybe I shouldn’t be watching this in the dark.

People kidnapped. Scary. *gulps*
^_^ I have suck a low tolerance for scary things. Including crawling arms. That’s just not on the list of good things.

I love fail-safes. They make me happy.

McKay is always so surprised that Sheppard can do math. It’s amusing. 😀

Sheppard: "It’s the right thing to do. Why? Because- it is!"
Can’t argue with that logic, can you?

Cut to the Wraith ship. Not a really calming place.
And a guy is dragged away to a undefined nasty fate, and we move on!

Sheppard finds a ship, and Carson cuts up a hand- finding only bad news. Sheppard finds good news though!

Ford: *Who wants to name the ship they found a Gate-ship* "It’s a ship, it goes through the Gate. Gate ship, no?"
Sheppard: "Gate ship? A little puddle jumper like this?"
Ford: "McKay thought it was cool."
Sheppard: "Okay, it’s official. *pause* "You’re not allowed to name anything. Ever."

And the rescue mission is off! In the puddle jumper. 😀

And back to the ship, where Colonel Sumner is meeting his hostess. *gulps*
I approve of him, this time around. GJ not flinching!
Meanwhile Ford and Sheppard are prowling.
And back to Sumner, being stiff-neckedly leet.

Wraith: "What do you call yourself?"
Sumner: "Colonel Marshall Sumner, United States Marine Corps."
Wraith: "So little fear… *prowls* Is it valor? Or ignorance."
Sumner: "We traveled through the stargate as peaceful explorers."
Wraith: *not listening* "You must eat. Yet you resist your hunger- why?"
Sumner: "Why have you taken my people prisoner?"
Wraith: *amused* "You trespassed upon our feeding ground."
Sumner: *getting a bad bad feeling* "Feeding ground?"
Wraith: "All living things must eat. In this I am sure we are similar. You feel hunger even now. I can sense it. Yet, you resist. Why?"
Sumner: "Why do you care?"
Wraith: "Hunger- is distasteful."
Sumner: *looks at skeleton* "Looks like the food didn’t agree with him."
Wraith: "Here we are quite dissimilar, Colonel Sumner. *fondles skeleton* We don’t require, our food to agree with us."

… And there you have the Wraith in microcosm.

Fight scenes!
oh, and nasty foreboding. Nasty foreboding about lots of Wraith. Because we totally need more of them.

Pauses while good guys are leet, then everybody on the puddle-jumper! I love the sound puddle-jumpers make, btw.

Then we throw a par-tay! Ew, why do every time I see Howling he’s trying to be magical with someone? Awkward…

Carson and McKay are watching Teyla and Sheppard agree that they’ve made friends with eachother;
Carson: "Why come I never make friend like that?"
McKay: "You need to get out more."
Carson: "We’re in another galaxy, how much more out can ya get?"


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