“One of the more immutable laws of wormhole physics.”

I put these under cuts, both to spare your friend pages, and to hide spoilers, if you’re the sort that avoids those. 

Everyone’s shouting…

And Sheppard isn’t flying- oh, because "some sort of funky alien bug attached its self to his neck." That’s… not so jolly.

Shuttle doesn’t fit through the stargate? I’m sensing bad vibes, here.

Disembodied arm? Bad- oh it’s Ford, and he’s still attached, to the arm. McKay is being impatient. Silly McKay. You’re so silly.

Flashbacks, yadda yadda yadda, oooh, funky alien bug! Also the mountain is gone, which is par for the course, re: the Wraith.
Only not all the Wraith were on the ship! Oh boy run!

Ewwww, the bug is growing. *throws rocks at it*
Ford is being really quiet and funeral. It’s not helping the situation.

Sciencey moments, telling us about tasty upcoming doom!
McKay’s already thought of all their sciencey options Heheheh.
And people are being tense.
Teyla’s trying to do first aid by putting bags behind Sheppard’s head. We all do what we can!

Apparently the bug is impossible to get off, whenever you try to kill it, it sucks a bunch of painful life from you and heals its self. Ew. Nasty.

Meanwhile, the scientists are arguing. Way to help out, Kavennagh!
Oh, and Howling is trying to be religious. Trying to offer Teyla a chance to prepare for death. And Weir is refusing to acknowledge that death is probable. Which is a sentiment I’m not sure that I agree with, but she’s very certain in her belief, and I can see where she’s coming from. Let’s NOT tell the people on the ship, "Oh yeah, we’re gonna save you, but here you can read the prayer for the dead while you’re waiting." Not yet, at least. 😀
Oh, and now Kavennagh is being irate over being reprimanded. You know, going after the leader of the base in front of her staff? Not the best move, in terms of winning Brownie points. Not the best move. Nice way to give Elizabeth a once-over when she tells you to take a hike, too. I mean, that’s just a good way to make friends.

Ew, now they’re trying to get the bug off again. *squeamish*
Teyla’s not very tolerant of McKay, it’s amusing. Why is this arrogant man being noisy and rude again?
Ewwww *hides* The bug doesn’t like water. And the Major’s white and shaking. Bad. Don’t like that.
Awww, and Ford’s still being loyal! He’s so cute!
Elizabeth is still trying to say no one is allowed to prepare for death. Nice one, lady.

Carson and Ford, mobilize! *stirring music*
YES! Shoot that bug, Ford! Empty your gun!
Only you’re still stuck. Seven minutes till the gate shuts down!
Hurry up people, the medical team is waiting!

Nooo, it’s stuck.
Ford! No suicide, Ford! Alugh, and the bug is moving!
They made it!
Did they make it?

😀 You’ll have to watch and see. Not my fave episode ever, but it has it’s good moments- stop flirting, Sheppard. And WHAT are you wearing, Teyla? Rainbow sweaters? Srsly?

Not the best episode of all time, in my opinion, but it does have a few good lines. Mainly McKay lines, Ahem. He just has so MANY lines. So MANY words. 😀

Weir: "If I understand you correctly, you won’t be able to access the flight controls."
McKay: "Yes, Elizabeth, it’s an extremely intriguing conundrum, and one that I’d love to discuss with you in detail, until the stargate shuts down, and the ship is cut in half."

Sheppard: "Ford… what is that?"
Ford: *funeral tone* "We’re stuck sir."
Sheppard: "You mean my day just got worse."

McKay: "If you know some way of manually retracting the Drive pods?"
Sheppard: *nods* "Cockpit on the left."
McKay: "The cockpit is regrettably de-molecularised at the moment, how bout something back here?"
Sheppard: "No."
McKay: "Thought so. Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be a foot and a half over that way taking some readings, feel free to talk amongst yourselves!"

Ford: "Why’d you close the door?"
McKay: "So when the stargate shuts down and the forward section is severed, we’re not directly exposed to space."
Ford: "Will it hold?"
McKay: "Bout like a screen door in a submarine, I just prefer hypoxia to explosive decompression. It’s- it’s- it’s a personal thing."

McKay: "I’m sorry. I- I, I react to a certain doom a certain way. It’s a bad habit."

Zelenka: "… which is why we are trying to isolate the correct control pathway."
Weir: "Understood. What can I do to help?"
Zelenka: "Stop talking, please."

Kavennagh: "What the Hell was that? I left the SGC because I’d had it up to here with the military running things, and you just busted me like a private"
Weir: "Don’t be so dramatic. Besides, the air force doesn’t have Privates."
Kavennagh: "Neither do I. You just cut them off. Right in front of my research team!"
Weir: "That’s what this is about? You’re embarrassed?"
Kavennagh: "Well, humiliated would be more like it."
Weir: "I haven’t worked up to humiliation yet!"

McKay: "You should consider stepping through the even horizeon. I’ll keep working till the end, but given your options, that’s still a far better way to go."
Ford: "And leave you here with that thing wrapped up in my jacket?"
McKay: "You did check to see that that thing is dead, right? Cause death by explosive decompression and suffocation with that thing up in my face is possibly the worst-"


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