“We can’t meet your dietary requirements.”

More Stargate Atlantis! I don’t really remember this one, which could either be a bad sign or a symptom of watching it in the middle of the night. I’m not sure.

Woah, McKay got shot in the face! Aulg!
And now Teyla has a uniform and a gun. Times have been moving along! Apparently they keep meeting the Wraith- oh wait, there’s a spy? I vote Howling! Take him out back and shoot him! Oh wait, Kavennagh. It’s probably Kavennagh. SPIES!!! SHOOT THEM ALL!!!

Ohhh, secret briefing/meeting. With angry man. I predict tense-ness. Power struggles…

Oh wait, they’ve been here three months? That’s some serious time lag. And now Teyla’s being told by a South African soldier that she can’t walk around. More tenseness.
Ohhh, Sheppard’s breaking out the puppy eyes while explaining to her. Must be bad.

Let’s question Howling! Fun times! Maybe I wouldn’t hate him so much if he didn’t always sound like he was about to cry.

Zelenka and McKay!!!!!!! What did you doooo????????
Opened the jumper bay sunroof, obviously. Shiny!

Howling’s leading a, gripe session?
Teyla is mad.
Howling is mad back. and teary.
Teyla lays down the law- crisis is averted! For now?

Heheh, Ford wants to come along while Sheppard explores the planet, and he packed a picnic lunch! So cute!

They found a continent! Angry man wants to exile people- and the people want to be exiled? Okay…

Teyla’s having issues with her people. Kinda sad, actually. And Howling is still detestable and I wouldn’t want him as a leader. Woah nice cleavage shot on that lady. Did she learn that in the last three months? Way to walk into the camera. *scrubs mind*
Oh, and Teyla and Weir have a bonding-leaders moment.

Back through the gate!
Hehehehehhe, McKay’s wearing a gun? Silly McKay.
Teyla and Ford go off to find people. Yep, yes yup. Teyla goes off alone…
Scientists working peacefully in the sun… WAIT someone is watching them? WRAITH!!!!
Stupid invulnerable Wraith. Ah! Sheppard is shot!
And they left people behind? They left Ford and Teyla there!
Way to be loyal, McKay. Stick up for people! Hurrah!
Oooooo, angry man is just a sergeant, not an officer! That’s why everyone disregards his opinions. Hey, I’d be angry too.
So Angry man thinks Teyla is a spy? And Weir agrees?

Unscheduled off world activation. Ulp.
Teyla’s on the other side? With unconscious Ford? So she says……….. Do we trust her or not? DUM DUM DUM
I like angry man, this time around. Cynic, bitter, loud, angry… sounds like a nice guy.
Oooo, BURN. Nice one, Weir.

McKay has been ordered to go through Teyla’s things, not happy about it.
Angry man’s name is Bates!
And Bates was right! Shocking. Well, partly. She didn’t know she was giving away their position.
And now they have a devious plan to do, something devious.

They’re trying to capture a Wraith alive?
Hehe, Ford is being all cute about his weapons.
We have an ambush set up!
Here come the Wraith, three face-less dudes and one guy who glowers along.
Tense moments……. FLASH GRENADE FTW!
Apperantly faceless dudes double as red-shirts.
Oh no another Wraith is getting away!
ANd Teyla walks up to him, firing from a handgun? I love that girl when she fights. Somewhat like Katara.
On crap one Wraith just self-destructed himself.
Meanwhile, Teyla is being uber-leet with the other Wraith who was getting away.
Oh noes!
Oh good, Sheppard gets to be heroic. Looks good on ya, flyboy.

Heheheh, Sheppard and Wraiths are awesome.
Wraith thinks he’ll be rescued. Funny boy.
 Okay, that episode was slow building, but awesome once it got going. I approve. *thumbs up*

McKay: "… and if that means you have to eat my favorite food two days in a row-"
Zelenka: "You enjoy military rations?"
McKay: "I know, it’s weird. Hospital food too. And the only reason I don’t like airplane food is you can’t get seconds…"

Ford: "Strange not pulling any Gs."
Sheppard: "Yeah, I kinda miss it. Although at this rate of acceleration, we’d be dead by now."
Ford: "Yeah?"
Sheppard: "Oh yeah. Without intertial dampening, we’d be hit by so many Gs our eyes’d pop. Skins would pull away from our faces, our brains’d squish away to the back of our skulls, and our internal organs? Would be crushed into these chairs." *pauses* "How about that sandwich?"

Ford: "You know we still haven’t named the planet."
Sheppard: "I’m sure the Ancients had some sort of name for it."
Ford: "We could call it, Atlantica, something like that!"
Sheppard: "I thought we agreed that you weren’t going to name anything any more."

Bates: "It’s not like we’re dumping them to die down there."
Sheppard: "Well how the hell would you know?!"
Ford: "It looked pretty wild down there."
Angry man: A second ago we were going surfing!"
Sheppard: "Well that was after we’d checked for monsters- and bugs- and other space related things!"
Bates: "I can’t imagine that it’d be any worse than their original home world."
McKay: "That could just be failure of imagination on your part."

Sheppard: "Lieutenant Ford, go with Teyla."
Teyla: "It, would be better if I go alone."
Sheppard. "You will be alone. With Lieutenant Ford."
Woah, matchmaking much? Heheh. *cough*

Sheppard: "You seem nervous."
McKay: "No no, I’m part of this team, I’m doing this."
Sheppard: "Yes you are. I just said you seemed nervous."
McKay: "Oh, really, I thought you said "Rodney you don’t have to do this."
Sheppard: "Yes- you do."
McKay: "Damn right I’m doing this. Despite the fact the feeling hasn’t completely returned to my extremities."

Wraith: "Again. Your kind is persistent. I would have thought you’d have given up by now."
Sheppard: "Hell, I’ve got all the time in the world. But you on the other hand-"
Wraith: *lunges at him* *is deflected by a shield*
Sheppard: ‘The ancients were pretty good at shields and stuff like that, weren’t they."
Wraith: *sneers*
Sheppard: "I give you a week, maybe two, tops-"
Wraith: "You waste your time. I will provide you with no information."
Sheppard: "I wonder what hurts more? The gunshot wound or the hunger. Cause I’d love to help out, but how did McKay put it? "We can’t meet your dietary requirements.""
Wraith: "When I am free, you’ll be the first that I feed upon."
Sheppard: "Okie dokie. I’m gonna go make myself a sandwich." *friendly nod*
Wraith: "Human! You think you’ve won a victory by my capture, but you’ve only hastened your own doom. It’s only a measure of time until the others of my own kind come to rescue me. And when they do, there’ll be no where in this world you can hide."
Sheppard: *sincere look* "Stay positive, now."

Also, I love my new LJ layout. It’s so pretty! And clear! And mine! *pets it* Okay I’ll go eat some coffee now. 


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