“There you are, still, in my way…”

And they’re flying, and wait, Turbulence? Doesn’t the Jumper not have that?
McKay sees an energy field they’re checking out- Only no, they’re crashing!
And no equipment works? I’m thinking that’s bad. Even Ford’s compass is broked?
Weird electromagnatic field disturbance. Okay then, let’s find it.

Woah, teenagers with weapons.
Whooo, are not saying mysteriously they have to see the elders. Did we breaks some rule we didn’t know about?
Ohhh, cool tree houses. I approve.
So the kids have a dead Wraith as the centerpiece of the village. Creepy….
Now we go talk to the elders! Go us! And the elders are- quite young. Okay. And they don’t like adults?

You have to die peacefully to go to Heaven. So they commit peaceful suicide instead of being eaten by the Wraith.

This still disturbs me a lot.

So now we discuss the ethics of suicide. Oh wait, we just take it for granted that it’s bad? Go Atlantis team! I ‘pproves of you.

Now they go to check out the ruins. Also, there’s an Angry Young Man, who is named Ares. This amuses me. ^_^

And McKay is being watched by kids. Heheheheh.

And Sheppard making friends with the Elders, who have kids, despite being less than 25. Sheppard feels old… 😀
Karris: "There has been- hesitation. We can be- persuasive, when the time comes."
Euthanasia AND suicide! These kids just keep getting better.
Karris is arguing for short "peaceful" life, instead of a long life of fear. Quality of life arguments, how I loathe thee. 
And- he’s committing suicide tonight. No pressure, no stress! Ulk.

Ares is advocating a "forced sacrifice?" That sounds jolly. *flatly*

McKay and children. Hehehehe.
"You’ve got a real gift with the kids. You do birthday parties?"
Ahem. Ford will now divert children with chocolate while McKay works.
And McKay has found a glowing thing in the woods! Exciting!
Oh, really exciting, it’s a ZPM!
And McKay wants to take said ZPM, thus disabling the shield.
Ares is wearing the hat of power. Silly Ares. You’re short, Ares. Short, angry man. *throws feathers at him*

And Weir and McKay now argue the morality of suicide and of theft-for-my-good-cause. *sigh*

Karris is trying to stare magically at Sheppard while Sheppard tries to talk him out of suicide. But he can’t pull off the magic. Good. I’m happy about that. I’m not happy that Karris is steadfast in his suicide-plan.

Weir is being a leader. I approve of that. I don’t approve of her supporting (?) the suicide pact. First you say that we value life above anything, now we say maybe this is a good idea. Right…
Okay, moving on. 
And according to McKay, the suicide pact is population control. The more I learn about these people’s culture the more I love them. Not.

Oh crap. The Wraith’s dead armour has been transmitting since McKay turned off the shield. Shoot it Sheppard! Shoot it! Oh, well, now the kids are angry that their pre-funeral was disturbed. About that. 
We need the shield up NOW, McKay!
Only he’s broken it? Bad things, McKay!!!!

Now we tell Karris that all the sacrifices have been in vain. Jolly days.
Meanwhile, Ares is war-mongering. How ironic is that. ^_^

So we walk calmly off to the ship, leaving McKay to try and fix the shield- oh bad there’s- talky children? Who want chocolate. 😀


Must stop probe before it gets to the gate- Only we’re not allowed to, because Ares is threatening to kill us before the Wraith GET here.
Bad, wait, that’s not good, Wraith-noise.
Hurry up McKay!
YES, they killed the probe with the shield! Huzzah!
Now Karris took an arrow for Sheppard, just in time for the news about the working shield to arrive.
We fixed Karris, AND the shield, AND the suicide pact! I’d say that’s a good day.

A fun ep, with a happy ending! 😀 And only half of these next ones are McKay quotes! I’m getting better! 😛

McKay: "I’m getting some sort of powerful energy readings from about 18 degrees from our current heading."
Sheppard: "Do you think it’s worth checking out?"
McKay: "Any significant energy emission usually indicates technological civilization."
Sheppard: "So, you think it’s worth checking out."
McKay. *sarcastic* "I’m sorry. Yes. Energy Field- Good."

McKay: "Let’s see how long we can be quiet! Who can be quiet the longest, huh?"
Cassa: "Well, I’m not a quiet person."
McKay: "That’s not quiet, that’s talking."
Cassa: "Well, I’m not a quiet person! I talk a lot." *grins*

Ford: "Do you guys know what chocolate is?"
*heads shake*
Ford: "You don’t? Oh man, this is gonna be huge!"

Karris: "You are a warrior, one who is trained to defend and protect them."
Sheppard: "You could say that."
Karris: "Would you not willingly, give your life, if it were necessary?"
Sheppard: "It’d have to be really necessary."


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