“First, do no harm.”

Pretty Edwardian City?

McKay and Sheppard have secret conversations, in front of the posted guards. Way to look right through the red-shirts!

The Edwardians have a weapons- something they think will make them immune to the Wraith? Okay, I’m intrigued.

ohhhhhhboy. The Edwardians/Hoffans think it’s gonna be 50 years till the Wraith show up, and the Earth team know they woke up the Wraith. If you’re Major Sheppard, what do you do? Promise everything you’ve got back home to help them out! Without asking home. Oppps. ^_^

But Weir and Beckett agree to help with the drug, so we’re off to "area 51, circa 1918." I less than three that description.

Oh, we’ve just met the Head Scientist, who is a blonde woman named Parna, and all the guys are trying to be charming.

The Hoffans have secret underground libraries to maintain their knowledge. "Standing on the shoulders of our forefathers."

Parna is explaining the drug, and being very sincere. I think Carson’s smitten. Perhaps Parna’s impressed too, she’s being very breathy. Oops, accidental magic moment. They’re being embarrassed. heheheh.

Meanwhile, we go to vist our friend in the brig. Apparently he’s been trying to make Groban see things, silly Wraith.
Wait, Sheppard is going to feed the Wraith? Gotta be a trick. Yes, tricky Sheppard.

Carson and Parna are magical over science. Ooooooo, Carson just called her "love." Progressing fast, are we?"

And the Wraith prays, while Sheppard prowls by outside.

If they’re working through the night, were does Parna find the time to re-apply her lip gloss?

Breakthrough! Was this just one night, or many? I don’t know.
Now they want to test the drug. Test it against Steve.
The Hoffans’ intensity/obsession has just switched from endearing to unsettling.

This is a good episode. I like it. ^_^

The test subject is a terminally ill cancer patient who has volunteered for this.
And Sheppard is using this test to get good information out of the Wraith, clever Sheppard.
I wouldn’t want to be in that jumper with the grinning Wraith. No siree…

Carson and Parna are meeting with the volunteer, doing the "you may die painfully if this goes wrong" speech.
He wants his death to have meaning, and is resolute.
Carson brings up the Hippocratic Oath, Parna quotes the Journal of the last Head Researcher, who died while working on the drug to try and save the Hoffan people. The Hoffans are very driven.

So we get a leetle bit of information out of the Wraith, and send in the Cancer patient.
Teyla has taken to curling her hair? And lipstick, none the less. Taken some lessons from the Scientists?
The drug worked! Hurrah?

Carson wants to do more tests on the Cancer Patient, to see if any of the other drugs

And the Wraith is in pain? Dying Wraith?

The drug is poison to Wraiths.
The Earth Teams seem to think this will not be received kindly by the Wraith.
The Hoffans are resolute that there’re gonna use it.
On wait, they’ve ALREADY used it.

And the Cancer Patient is dead now too. Bad.
Parna’s already been taking the drug.

And people are fallling ill. the hospital is already full. Cancer Patient died of a full respiratory shut down. and now there are coughing people all over the hospital. I sense a connection. Also, this has become slightly more unsettling since December.

Half of those inoculated are dying. Half. But only half. The people are gonna vote on using it.
I’d feel more happy about Hoffan Main Main’s conviction if I knew he’d been inoculated.
Oh no, Parna!
They’ve got her on the no-panic drugs. She knows she’s dying, and she’s HAPPY about it.
"We didn’t betray the forefathers."
Okay, respiratory shut down does NOT look like that, I know it for a fact. For one thing it’s not within the space of two bloody minutes! *angry*
*is better*
*moves on*

98% of the people have voted in favor of taking the drug that will leave them with a 50% chance of useable lungs. Wow.
You’ve gotta admire such, resolve. *is impressed*
And honestly, I can see where they’re coming from. If you had the choice of dying from the Wraith OR killing the wraith who tries to eat you or dying of lung faliure, I might take option B, with possible survival. Of course, the Hoffans aren’t listening to the things about the Wraith coming back and burning the city to the ground, which might be a factor they SHOULD have taken into consideration.

I LIKE that episode. But I need resolution! Will the Wraith take revenge?

Weir: "…and if the drug is just a pipe dream."
Sheppard: "Dr. Becket has already volunteered to help us find that out!"
Weir: "He has, has he?"
Sheppard: "He, will."

McKay: *about Dr. Beckett* "No no no, he just doesn’t like going through the star gate."
Sheppard: "You’re worse than Dr. Mcoy."
Teyla: "Who?"
Sheppard: "The tv character that Dr. Becket plays in real life."
Carson: "Converting a human body into enegery and sending it millions of years through a wormhole. Bloody insanity."
McKay: "Oh come on, how often do you travel to an alien world?"
Carson: "I was already on an alien world!"

Sheppard: "Sorry if I woke you. Just stopped by to see if you need anything. Magazines, fresh towels."
Wraith: "You hide your fear poorly, Major."
Sheppard: "You know, we’ve been having these conversations for a couple of weeks now, and I don’t even know your name? You guys do have names, right? Let me guess. Steve?"
Wraith: "I am your death. That is all you need to know."
Sheppard: "I prefer Steve."

Sheppard: "Hi Steve."
Ford: *big eyes* "Bye Steve!" *shoots the Wraith*

Weir: "You know the Geneva Convention prohibits the use of prisoners for Scientific experiments."
Sheppard: "No offense, Doc, but if the Wraith had attended the Geneva Convention they would have tried to feed on everyone."

Weir: "We’re talking about putting a human being in the same room as a starving Wraith. And once we start down that road-"
Sheppard: "Which road did you think we were headed down?!"
Weir: "Not this one. At least, not this fast."

Steve the Wraith: *on the way to "feed"* *is grinning from ear to ear*
Ford: "Hey man, this isn’t supposed to be fun."
Steve the Wraith: *turns to look at him* *grinning more*

Parna: "There is no time! Are you so afraid of making a mistake that you can no longer see what we’re up against?"
Carson: "This isn’t about mistakes, Parna. It’s about the end justifying the means! And in our profession, that’s a very slippery slope. We could be sacrificing that man to a monster."
Parna: *quietly* "There will be another to take his place."
Carson: "That’s just what I’m afraid of."

Carson: "Ah, Major. I was just about to cut him open."
Sheppard: "Then I was just leaving."
Carson: "I’ve already done some tests you might like to know the results of."
Sheppard: "You know what killed him?"
Carson: "I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and say it was all of his vital organs shutting down almost simultaneously."

Sheppard: "Do you have any idea what’s going on out there?"
Hoffan Main Main: "I do, Major."
Sheppard: "Half of the people you gave the drug to are dying!"
HMM: "Half of them, Major. Half. The statistics are clear, and the numbers are holding at that level, it’s just been confirmed. Which means that the other fifty percent will live, and destroy and Wraith who try to feed on them."
Sheppard: "I don’t believe this."
HMM: "Now the Wraith will know the full conviction of the Hoffan people."

HMM: "I’m told you’re leaving."
Sheppard: "Yes, we are."
McKay: "Not that it hasn’t been. Lovely."

Carson: "Victory at all costs." That sound familiar, Major?"
Sheppard: "Churchill."
Carson: "Aye. Never thought I’d disagree."


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