“You know, if people could just learn to keep their secret underground hatches locked…”

Okay, we have a food shortage, and we’re going to see some very simple farmers. We’re not taking the puddle jumper, to avoid alarming them.

Hello Tyrus and Sora-your-daughter. You look very colonial! And protective of your pretty daughter, apparently. And suspicious of weapons. And you have secret communicators on your wrists. Oh sure, VERY simple.

Heheh, Ford has such fun with explosives. It’s cute.

So they’ve been invited to a harvest Ceremony. Why am I getting boring vibes? I wonder… 😀
Also, why does Ford never get to have magical moments with the pretty girls? Maybe the moonshine will help. "D

Oops, McKay and Sheppard try to take a shortcut, and get lost.
And then they find something with radioactive readings. Yes, VERY simple.
A mysterious Hatch in a barn. MAYBE IT"S FRIENDLY!
Wait, when did Rodney start carrying a BIG gun? Does he even know how to use it?
Sheppard is so amusing about wanting to check it out. Wheee, curiosity is my friend!
ho boy. An underground city? That looks dramatic.
And now we have Nazi-boys with big guns capturing us. No Sheppard, curiosity kills the cats, see?
Heheheh, I am highly amused by how large the pile of weapons taken from the captured boys is.
Rodney postulates colonial and Nazi cultures live separately.
And that’s a no.
Teyla and Ford are gonna go outside for a breath of fresh air-
No they’re not. Woah and Sora is suddenly very independent minded. o.O

So we’re gonna try and bargain our way out of this. As McKay puts it. "What giant underground bunker?" I guess I can see where they’re coming from… but I doubt Weir will be happy about the arms dealing.

What the freakout? Where DID those big guns come from?

McKay and the power of deductive reasoning!
They’re trying to build a-bombs. Oooooookay.

The Jenii really do seem to go in for easy dinner conversation.

And we’re bargaining furiously to get out of this. Bargain Bargain Bargain.
I sense Weir is regretting sending the military out to do her negotiation.

"It seems we have no choice but to trust each other."
That’s not the most calming choise of words ever.

We are on the wraith ship to gather intel! go us! Do they have the bomb too? I think they should have a bomb. Erk, people frozen in for later feedings.

McKay will magically open the door with knives. *nods*
AULG frozen person calling for help! And Tyrus again demonstrates the Jenii ideal that other people aren’t really people.
Dude, Tyrus, way to "keep silent" by firing a machine gun into a screaming body.

Kowan is pulling a "there’s something you’re not telling me!" and being really devious about it. I don’t think I’d trust him at all.

Oh, there’s a surprising ambush.

That isn’t the most heroic episode ever. Let’s watch Atlantis FAIL, and fall all over themselves to bargain out of it, and be deceived. I think McKay just wanted to prove his grade six experiment in real life, and Sheppard just wants some new army buddies. How’s that working out for ya, eh?

Sheppard: "And we’re heading towards a food shortage."
McKay: "I know, it’s getting desperate. We’re almost out of coffee."
Sheppard: "well maybe you should stop drinking 11 cups a day."
McKay: "I’m just trying to make sure I have my fair share before it’s all gone."

Tryrus: "This is my daughter, Sora."
Sheppard: "You must be very proud."
Tyrus: "She’s betrothed."
Sheppared: "I wasn’t hitting on your daughter, I was just-"
Teyla: "-We, have come to trade."

McKay: "Maybe we should offer, uh, sense of humour in trade."
Sheppard: "Oh sure. They can have yours."
McKay: *laughs* "Oh please, my Sides are splitting."

McKay: "I’m picking up a strange reading, from right over there."
Sheppard: "Define strange."
McKay: "You don’t know what strange means?"
Sheppard: "I know, what strange means Rodney."
McKay: "Weird, freakish, odd-"
Sheppard: "Just trying to determine whether it’s worth getting off the route to the village."
McKay: "It’s radioactive readings in Amish world, your call."

McKay: "Now that is definitely-"
Sheppard: "Strange."
McKay: "Yeah, not so Amish, really."
Sheppard: "Not so much."

McKay: "You know, if people could just learn to keep their secret underground hatches locked…"

Kowan"We have a problem"
Sheppard: "Then we have something in common."

Kowan: "What if we want more, than weapons."
McKay: "Have I mentioned that I know almost everything about, almost everything?"

Sheppard: "Teyla!"
Teyla: "I’m as surprised as you are about all of this, Major."
Sheppard: "I don’t know, I’m- pretty surprised."

Sheppard: "You know how to make an A-bomb."
McKay: "Major, most of my high school chess team could design an a-bomb."

McKay: "Please, I built an atomic bomb for my grade six science fair exibit."
Ford: "They let you do that up in Canada?"
McKay: "Well I was questioned for six hours by the CIA who believed I was part of a secret pre-teen organization- actually that was where my first job-"

Sheppard: "They have something we need, and we have something they need. I thought that’s what negotiation is all about."
Weir: "Oh it is; personally I stop short of offering nuclear weapons."
Ford: "Well, they were building it anyways…."


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