How do I know she’s not suggesting we pull a double fake-out of our own and dial Earth?

I like fog.

Rodney thinks we can open a wormhole back to earth!
Using the fog as energy. Erm.

Yes, McKay does think pretty well of himself. And has a lot of confidence in his abilities. I hope it’s warranted. 😀

And Sheppard’s reading Tolstoy! *amused*

And everybody is decided that they wouldn’t go Home, they’re going to stick with the program. Well, McKay might go home for a big mac. 😀

McKay fixed up the gate so that it can dial earth, so we’re off to send a message!
And there’s been a change on the stateside, they can go back and be back inside a month!
Who’s gonna go back?
Oh, and Rodney!
Oh, and Sheppard.
Oh, and Teyla.

Sheppard is taking Teyla shopping? Mwahahahaha.

Elizabeth gets to drive up and see Simon. I think it’s a happy moment.

Rodney goes to check on his house.
"You have no new messages." Mwahahahahahahahahah. Oh, and he’s eating some food he found in the couch? After months away? Oh boy, girl next door is knocking on the door.

Teyla has bought herself a nice new outfit that’s almost the same as the last one! Heh.
And Sheppard is feeling that things are weird.

And Simon has missed Elizabeth. Sad. He bought her a necklace present! Cute! Okay, now let’s kiss and make up, only wait, no, something’s wrong with his kissing technique?

Oh boy, Rodney seems to have been, uh, I don’t know.
Elizabeth is not wearing her necklace, and she bears tidings of bad news. They can’t’ go back?

Necklace is back!
Elizabeth gets dishearted by General Hammond.

Wait, Ford is here too? And he’s just been posted to Antarctica.
McKay is being rather rude and has given up fast.

Yep, Elizabeth thinks that Sheppard didn’t come. Things are DEFINITELY weird.
Teyla likes the beer. Amusing. And Sheppard doesn’t think Elizabeth is there either.

McKay is becoming agitated.

Elizabeth is becoming agitated too.

And Sheppard is having visitors! Which he looks a bit het up about.
Wow, a LOT of visitors.
Ford is delivering Pizza now?


Sheppard has a gun, and he just SHOT a guy?
Way to drink beer while waving a gun around, flyboy.

General Hammond explains the truth.
"We are the mist." That’s kinda- scary."

Ford is the first to wake up, gun at the ready. And McKay wakes up cynical. I love these characters. 😀

I do love how this show gets GOOD at juggling multiple realities/time frames. They don’t always start out so good, but they get skilled. Ahem.

McKay: “We’re talking about a lot of energy here.”
Sheppard: “How much is a lot?”
McKay: “Well, in terms of juels or ungs?”
Sheppard: “In terms of lots!”
McKay: “Well, lots and lots.”

Teyla: "Do you not run the risk of disabaling the stargate?"
McKay: "Only if I screw up, which is extremely unlikely."
Sheppard: “840 years.”
McKay: “What?”
Sheppard: “That’s how long it will take us to come get you by Puddle-jumper.”
McKay: “But you would do that, right?”
Sheppard: “Of course we would.”

Sheppard: “Of course, in all fairness, life-sucking aliens weren’t exactly in the brochure.”

Ford: "So if this works, would you want to go back?"
McKay: "I don’t think it matters what I would want."
Ford:" Why not?"
McKay: "Because Atlantis can’t afford to loose me."
Ford: *quietly rolls his eyes*
McKay: *didn’t notice the eye-rolling* "I’m their foremost expert in gate theory, wormhole physics, and a myriad of other sciences too numerous to mention yet too important to ignore."

Ford: "So what you’re saying is, you’re invaluable everywhere."
McKay: "Granted, it would create a void if I were to go- *Ford facepalms* -but, uh, you could all take comfort in the knowledge that I’d be on the other side spearheading the effort to return with reinforcements, fresh supplies and Big Macs for all."
Ford: "I- I feel better already."

Sheppard (to Teyla): “Plus there’s all the cool Earth stuff I told you about: Football, ferris wheels—Oh, do you remember the last of the popcorn we ate? We can get more.”

Simon: "When you told me you were going away, but you couldn’t say where, by first thought was Korea. My second guess was Isreal. To be honest, the Pegasus Galaxy didn’t make my list."

Weir: "I’m sorry, none of this is fair to you."
Simon. "It is tough to compete with the greatest adventure in Human History."

Scientist: "We don’t think the ZPM has enough power to open a wormhole."
McKay: *waves test results* "Well you wouldn’t know that from this, would you? It might as well say Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong."

McKay: "It’s like looking through a microscope at a cell culture and seeing a thousand dancing hapsters!"

Weir: “Rodney, you need to calm down.”
McKay: “No, I need to get very agitated because I’m realizing that all of this is a lie!”

Dex: “What?”
Sheppard: “You guys have been dead for YEARS! Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s really nice seeing you. And you, Miss Watson. She was my sixth-grade teacher. And you, I don’t even remember your name but I remember you wouldn’t even DATE me!”

Dex: "You SHOT me!"
Sheppard: "You’re already dead!"

General Hammond: "It is unfortunate you became aware so quickly. However, you may now create a fabricated reality of your own choosing in which to live out the remainder of your lives."

Sheppard: “Well, the dead people were a dead giveaway.”
McKay: “Dead people? What were YOU doing?”

McKay: "Don’t mean to sound negative, because that would be, you know, so not me-"


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