June quotes!

Zack: That’s funny, Tingley was talking about Dr. Tiller in the lecture today.
Jasmine: Oh? And what about?
Zack: We were just talking about whether killing abortionists was ethical.
And then we decided it was
so we went on a little field trip

From Dance Class’s Staging
Miss Heather: *dry voice* "Oh my god we’ve got everyone. I’m so excited I could faint."

Miss. Heather: "Uh, guys? Guys we have bagpipe people. We have bagpipe people."
Betsy: "Talking in tongues again, Heather?"
Miss Heather: "Yeah, pretty much. WINGS!"

Miss Heather. "I’m glad you’re having a good time, but stop snickering and pay attention. Once you’ve had to see this for an hour, you won’t be laughing."

Miss Heather: "So you’ve got to have as much patience with me, as trust me, I’m having with you."

Miss Heather: "Get ready to leap! Not talking- get ready to leap! *aside* Yeah, curse on me back there, I don’t care. *full voice* And GO!"

One of the Brownies: "Where’s the Rooster?"
Mr. Osmond: "He’s on the go." *Meaning he’s out and about.*
One of the leaders: "It’s Friday night, where do you think the Rooster is?"

 Courtney: *talking about a certain girl in her dance class* "And she has the proper grin, which is good."
Jasmine: "You almost don’t need a big grin in that dance. Just a half smile. You know- *in purring voice* Hey there, Tiger."
Courtney: "Please don’t ever do that again." *scared*

Jasmine: Me and sleep deprivation are not really plans.
Mommy: No, I don’t think you are. Good Night!

Linda: "I’ve still got my notes from the meeting, do you want them?"
Dawn: "Why don’t you stick them somewhere?"
Linda: "Okay, bend over…"

Mommy: "The music is so mellow! What is this?"
Jasmine: "Um, it’s mine."
Mommy: "You listen to this?"
Jasmine: "Well, it’s on shuffle, so who knows…"
*music changes to KJ-52- Rock On*
Mommy: "And- there we go."

Courtney: "This is where we met Timothy the cat! Take off your shoes! This ground is sacred!"

Courtney: "It’s kinda weird being outside the Homeschool bubble."
Jasmine: "I know what you mean."
Courtney: "I mean, I know what’s out there, I’d just like everyone to be inside the bubble with me, where you’re all-"
Jasmine: "No bubble can contain me!"

Jasmine: "Well, at least now I can recognize that I’m acting strange. A little while ago it was like there was a little voice in the back of my head going "You’re weird." And the rest of my mind giggled madly and said "Isn’t it EXCELLENT?" *giggles disconcertingly- again*

Jasmine: "Wait, was that English?"
Courtney: "Oh, sorry. Narnia has ordered two thousand golden coasters." *pauses* *starts laughing*
Jasmine: "How is that English?"

Daddy: *at breakfast* "Over the last two years we’ve come to realize that God will provide when we really need it, and not a day before. So we should expect some money. Today."

Sharon: "Oh, there’s the paper! Yes, twice in the last week, they have delivered the flyers up at the barn, for the horses to read."
Jasmine: "Oh! That’s considerate."
Sharon: "Yes, it’s an interesting concept."

Michelle: "So where did you get that shirt?"
Melody: "He gave it to me."
Michelle: "What, you just lost your shirt one day and he just happened to have one lying around?"
Melody: *turns red* *escapes*


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