It’s 6:51. That’s AM. I’ve been up for over an hour. I also didn’t really sleep last night. So when I say “up,” I mean only that I’ve been continuously vertical, in a purposeful fashion. And my eyes have been open, though consciousness is debatable. My feelings on the matter can be summed up in one word.

Will the bus please hurry up and arrive so I can sleep while going home? Pretty, pretty please?

One thought on “

  1. awww, muffin…

    but no, really, poor you, sleeping on the ferry is not what I would call restful. You summed it up pretty well there. And the bad thing is that the you will forget the pain in a few months and so the next time you ride the ferry and someone suggests spending money on a cabin you'll respond, ” Why would I spend money on THAT?? It would make a terrible blog post, and besides more stories to tell from roughing it!”.

    Or maybe you will wisely agree.

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