“How far in advance can you book days off?”

The Storm! I remember this as leetness incarnate. I wonder if that’s true the second time around.

Dum dum dum, Teyla and Sheppard go to investigate a storm.
"Did he just say, "weather forecasting?""
Oh, and it’s heading for the mainland, and then straight for Atlantis. Given that it covers 20% of the planet, and they’re brining out the ominous music, I’m guessing this is bad.

McKay and Zelanka are fighting over science.
What they agree on, is that it’s bad. Really bad.
The main issue is that without the sheild, the city might, break? And then sink. Sounding jolly!
So we need a plan. Sooner, sooner, sooner would be better!
So we evacuate. Smart, for once! I approve of evacuating BEFORE the eleventh hour and the barbarians at the gate. For once.

And now they’re bargaining for a place to stay, with a greasy, greasy man.
Way to break through the blackmail, Ford and Sheppard! I sense great things for this episode.
And- the scientists are still having issues with plan-making.
Hehe, greasy man is named Sneeden! That amuses me.
Mckay is really worried. And charming about it, too. ^_^

Ooooo, Smeeden is talking to the Jenii. Greasy AND devious!

Zelanka and McKay come up with a plan to use the lightening in the storm to charge the generators. ANd then walk off arguing. Those two amuse me.

Ohh, cut to Sora, of the Jenii, being leet with a quarterstaff.
Koya crushes her hand and throws her around. Nice man.

On the mainland, Carson, Ford and Teyla are waiting for the last evacuees.

Kolya doesn’t think his Strike Force is ready to be sent out. Kowan disagrees. The invasion of Atlantis is ON!

And Smeeden is getting Teyla’s people drunk.
Erk. Sora and the rest of the Strike Force is being, scary.
Am I the only one who thinks "It’s my hand which needs to enter the code." Is an invitation for loosing a hand?

it’s time for Science For Dummies And You Military Folk With Rodney McKay!
Oh Rodney, you’re so polite when talking to other people.

Carson isn’t going to fly the jumper, cause the weather is too bad. So they’re going to just wait it out, in the jumper. Looks cozy.

The grounding station looks like an interesting piece of sculpture.
"Get to the other grounding stations, repeat the procedure, we’ll meet." Okay dokie!

And a discussion about Bacon is interrupted by the gate firing up!
But it’s just the Athosians- Oh fine, Bacon man lowers the shield.
That was, fast.
Kolya is unfriendly. And in charge now.
They’ve got Weir and McKay hostage, but Sheppard is on the loose. Now he’s arming up. Oh, the Jenii are in a world of hurt…

Weir is not happy about being a hostage. Or about what he’s done with her people.
And Kolya wants basically the entire armoury, Hospital, and Sheppard for a little revenge.
Rodney is trying to be brave, but he’s not so good at it. "I never said anything about saving anything."
Sora is not about to accept sympathy instead of her vengeance.
Oh wait, and all the C4 is missing, replaced with a radio with Sheppard on the other end.
McKay is bleeding! Sad!
Now Kolya takes things up another notch.
Weir tries to negotiate, without success.
Kolya continues to be devious, but that’s not working so well with Sheppard, who is being devious back.
Gunfire and leetness! And now Sheppard has a radio, and things are damaged.

Woah, this is a good episode. Let’s go on to part two!

Rodney talks Kolya down. Using Chess medaphors, none the less. And he’s bleeding rather badly.
And then Kolya goes away and lies about killing Weir to Sheppard. I’m thinking that’s a bad idea, just a feeling. Something about Sheppard not making idle threats…
In the Control room, a jolly tech man is learning to use the equipment. He has a beard, must be high ranking.

And on the mainland, the sun came out? What is this?
It’s the eye of the storm!

For someone being sneaky, Sheppard sure has loud footsteps. Just a thought.
He leaves smoke grenades and leaves. Why?

On the other side of town, McKay is fixing the switching station.

And on the other side of the WORLD, they’re gonna fly back to Atlantis!

And Major sheppard removes three little life sign signals. I have to say, I think that little scene is CREEPILY well done. I heart it. Apart from the death, y’know.

And Kolya is having a full company of reinforcements sent in.

McKay's signMcKay's Sign

Tech boy and Sora are watching the boards- and Sheppard has just shut down the power. Kolya is not happy. He refuses to be drawn out- so Sheppard cuts another generator.

Yay, the jumper is back, with Teyla, Ford and Carson! Carson is unsure about guns, and being Military. Worrying man…

Carson is WorriedCarson is WorriedCarson is worried

In comes the Company, 60 or more- OH WAIT SHEPPARD.
He’s put up the shield before the reinforcements. Sucks to be reinforcements.
The Tech’s name is Layden.
And 5 of 60 men made it through. Wow, Sheppard plays for keeps.
Koyla’s son was among those killed. He’s, not happy.
Sheppard scares me, right now.

Ford’s got a Wraith stunner, AND extra ammo. I heart that man.

Oh bad, they’ve set up an ambush around the extra generator, and Sheppard’s caught.
Sora is, not happy.
Weir, once again, will not let anyone make last requests.

And now the corridors are going to be bathed in electricity every time lightening strikes.

But Sora is BENT on revenge.
She’s ambushed Teyla- there’s a hole in the plan.
Sora and Teyla are having a leet knife fight.

On coming Tsunami, so McKay goes to raise the shield.
Only it’s not working.
Kolya is -again- not happy. He’s gonna leave, but take McKay and Weir with him.
Only no, Sheppard and Ford break open a can of ass-whopp.

Teyla’s got bad hair, a bleeding mouth, and is incredibly awesome. I approve of this Teyla. 😀
She "talks" Sora down! Yays!

Ohkah, and that’s a BIG wave.
Which is defeated! Yay team!
Can I mention my firm belife that the Tech guy made it through too? Because it’s not fair when you kill the tech guys, they’re jolly. And he was being friendly with Sora. Yep he lived. And then they repatriated Sora, and they had leet/smart babies. Cause that’s just how I roll. 😀

Yeah, those are good. Quite good. 😀

Ford: "How can something as large as Atlantis just sink?"
Sheppard: "I’m sure the passengers on the Titanic were asking themselves the same question."
McKay: "Well let’s NOT."

Weir: "So what’s the plan?"
McKay: "Well, by my calculations, we have just under, twelve hours?"
Zelanka: "Yeah."
McKay: "So we plan, to have a plan. By then."

Sneeden: "The entire population of Atlantis."
Sheppard: "At most, yeah."
Ford: "Only for a day, too. At most."
Sneeden: "We are happy to trade with you, for a share of our crops, but this…"
Sheppard: "Well, I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m asking."

Bargaining with a snaky man for a place to stay.
Sheppard: "You know we could go find any uninhabited planet."
Sneeden: "They’re usually uninhabited for a good reason and you know that as well as I do or you would not be- here. Still, I’m sure you could find another planet to take you in. You’re just so short on time…"
Sheppard: "Some day you’re gonna run across a problem, and you’re gonna need our help. Isn’t that right, Ford."
Ford: "Yes sir. And we’ve got pleanty of ships, and weapons, we could "help" with." *puts his gun on the table pointedly*
Sneeden: "You’re telling me we could either be your friends, or your-"
Sheppard: "We much prefer friends. That is of value to me."

McKay: “Oh, you’re right. Of only we had a magical device that slowed down time! I foolishly left mine back on Earth, did ya bring yours?!?”
Zelenka: “You know, you’re not pleasant when you’re like this, McKay.”
McKay: “I’m always like this.”
Zelenka: “My point exactly.”

*talking about waiting out the storm on the mainland*
Weir: "If we loose Atlantis, we’ll be stuck on the mainland without any access to the stargate."
Sheppard: "McKay’ll come up with something."
McKay: "I will try. But despite what you may all be thinking, I am not superman!"
Ford: *smirks*
Sheppard: "Was anyone, seriously thinking that?"
*heads shake*
Ford: "No sir."
Zelanka: "Never."

Zelanka: "You know, Czech republic, we don’t much have to deal with Hurricanes."
McKay: "We don’t get many in Canada either. We once had one named Hazel."
Zelanka: "Hazel."
McKay: "M-hm. Forty years ago."
Zelanka: "That’s interesting."
McKay: "No not really."
Zelanka: "No, not really."
McKay: "I was once almost struck by lightening!"

McKay: “What is the one thing keeping us from surviving the storm?”
Weir: “That would be—“
McKay: “Power. And what does a mega-storm from hell have lots of?”
Weir: "Power…"
McKay: "Right! In the form of…"
Weir: "You wanna, build a windmill?"

Mckay: "Yes! Theoretically."
Sheppard: "Like dinosaurs turned into birds, theoretically, or Theory of Relativity theoretically?"
Mckay: "What? Somewhere in between…"

McKay: "I’ll do station 1, Elizabeth will handle station 2, and Major Sheppard can deal with stations 3 and 4."
Sheppard: "Wait, where are stations 3 and 4?"
Mckay: *points to places on opposite sides of the map* "Here and here."
Sheppard: "And we are?"
McKay: *points to centre of the map* "Here. Hey, I need to be done quickly so I can start working on the subroutines, and Elizabeth was complaining about her here knee the other day, so."
Sheppard: "Wait, wait wait a second- are these things even close to a transporter?"
McKay: "Yes, Elizabeth’s is."
Sheppard: "And mine?"
McKay: “It’s a brisk walk away.”
Sheppard: “And by brisk you mean far.”
McKay: “No by walk I mean run.”

Black-shirt 1: "Bacon.
Black-shirt 2: "The one thing you wish you brought with you is Bacon."
Black-shirt 1: "It’s the food which makes other foods worth eating."
Black shirt 2: "You wish you brought bacon to another galaxy."

Carson: "It was a bad idea an hour ago, it’s a suicidal one now!"

Weir: "How were you able to bypass the shields?"
Kolya: "With a time-tested combination of strong drink, and weak minds."

Kolya: "Just so we’re clear, I know you’re lying."

Weir: "How do we know you won’t kill us once you have what you want?"
Kolya: "You don’t."

Sheppard: “Let me tell you what you did wrong here, Kolya. A, you lost two of your men. B, you damaged the switch before I could separate the grounding rods, which I’m sure you’re going to get an earful from McKay for, and C, you lost all of what little credibility you had with me.”

Kolya: "You killed two of my men."
Sheppard: "I guess we’re even."
Kolya: "I don’t like "even.’"

Kolya: "How’s this for credibility? Weir is dead."
Sheppard: "I am going, to kill you."

Weir: "Stall him! Tell him that the power loop interface isn’t jiving with your walkabout."
McKay: "Isn’t JIVING?"
Weir: "Rodney you get my point!"

Ford: "Auuuuhhhh, You’re coming in a little steep there, Doctor."
Carson: "Thank you, lieutenant, I’m aware of that!"

McKay: "Perhaps we can be under shelter while we wait? I’m liable to catch a cold like THAT."
Kolya: *stares at him*
McKay: "I take it that’s a no?"

Carson: "Are you sure-"
Ford: "You know how you’re always saying you’re not Military, you don’t have to take orders?"
Carson: "Aye."
Ford: *hands him a gun* "Now you do."

(using the lifesigns detector)
Beckett: “If these wee dots don’t tell us who is who, how do we tell which one’s the major?”
Ford: “He’ll be the dot getting rid of the other dots.”

McKay: *is being held over the ocean by Kolya* "Trust me, I’m not that brave. I’d help you if I could."

Sheppard: "Once you get in position, lower the ship into the gate room, lower the weapons pods. This should create enough of distraction for Ford and me to go in. We take back the control room, get the shield up- city saved, Weir and McKay saved, take the rest of the day off."

McKay: “I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but I’m an extremely arrogant man who tends to think all of his plans will work!”

*Kolya is holding Weir as a sheild*
Sheppard: "I will shoot you if you don’t let her go."
Kolya: "And risk hurting Dr. Weir?"
Sheppard: "I’m not aiming at her.* *shoots him dead*

Weir: "Nice work, Rodney."
McKay: *rhetorically* "Did you ever doubt me?"
Weir: "Yes, several times."

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