“What do I do now?” “Keep firing everything you’ve got!”

Sheppard is teaching McKay how to drive, it seems to be going a bit tensely.

And they’ve found a BIG old weapons station the ancients left behind.
Ohh, a distress call. A Wraith distress call!

McKay and Sheppard want to go check it out, they’re all excited about it. Weir, not so much. 😀

Glowing bugs, which like to harass McKay. Heheheh. Ahem.

So we go check out the ship- which is full of spider webs and fear. Fun, fun times. Okay, I remember now, this is a scary episode.

We’ve found a dead Wraith, that was killed by a Wraith. That’s calming.
And now we know that this is a supply ship. Erk.
Yes, let’s just leave the blue-shirts alone to be scared and wave their flashlights around! Good Plan!

So the ship crashed ten thousand or more years ago, with a LARGE supply of food, and Wraith can hibernate for centuries- HeLLO WRAITH.
Bye Abrams, you were less scared, and you had curly hair. *salutes*
Okay, Creepy Old Wraith has Gaul saved for a snack. That’s a freaky expression, dude.

And Weir is sending people out for a rescue, including a man with a rocket launcher.
Gaul got tortured, and he’s still really scared. And he’s graying by the minute. Scary.
Why does Rodney carry a mirror?
This is more sad the second time around.

Oh bad, the Wraith’s in the Jumper.
And when he can’t use the equipment, he howls at it. Well, 10,000 years eating your own men will do things to a body.
Oh bad, the Wraith found the guns.
Or no, he doesn’t know, and Sheppard is being devious and saying that the Wraith lost the war- GUNFIRE!
Oh nasty, Wraith healing properties. Oh, and now he figures out what the guns are for, of course.
Field dressings FTW!
Sheppard, get rid of the BEEPING WRAITH GRENADE.
Mmmm, snack time. The glowing bugs want in!
And I think the Wraith is hot wiring the ship. Smart dude.
He’s put a shield around it too! SMART dude!

The Wraith and Sheppard continue their stalemate. They both look a little weak.
NICE TRAP, Sheppard! But yeah, like that killed the Wraith. We both know he’s still alive.
No Gaul! That’s even sadder the second time.

Sheppard: "You need me alive to get off this planet! I’m the only one who can operate that ship!"
Wraith: "I will use your dead hands to operate its controls!"
Well, that’s a nice thought, Wraithy. You stay imaginative.

Woah, hand to hand combat with the Wraith.
And, I think the Wraith is- gone. There;s a rather big crater where he was.
Mmm, good episode. Not my fave, but good. 😀

Sheppard: “Don’t let go of the controls!”
McKay: “Snapping doesn’t help!”
Sheppard: “This is why parents get someone else to teach their kids how to drive.”
McKay: “I am both insulted and touched by that.”

*talking about looking into a crashed Wraith vessel*
Sheppard: "I agree with McKay."
Weir: "Of course you do. How could either of you resist exploring a crashed alien spaceship?"

(about alien fly)
McKay: “Maybe he smells the food.”
Gaul: “Maybe he’s just smelling the girlish fear.”

Sheppard: "It’s too small to be a hive ship."
McKay: "I dunno, it was a long time ago, maybe they’ve discontinued that model."

*On finding a large chamber filled with dead humans*
Sheppard: "I think we just figured out what this ship is for"
McKay: "It’s a supply ship, on its way to feed the Wraith that were laying seige to Atlantis."
Gaul: "Well, that’s terrifying."

Ford: "They’re not even overdue yet."
Weir: "I don’t care. Call it intuition, paranoia, or we can just call it a drill. Either way, I want you to go Now."

Sheppard: "It’s gonna be past dark when another jumper gets here. If we play the waiting game, there’s a very good chance the guy who’s been around for ten thousand years is gonna win."

Sheppar: "I thought you should know, round one was a draw."
McKay: "I don’t like the sound of that."
Sheppard: “Yeah, me neither. I took some fire.”
McKay: “What, are you injured?”
Sheppard: “Yeah, that’s what I mean by ‘I took some fire.’”

McKay: “Major, what the hell was that?”
Sheppard: “I almost blew myself up.”
McKay: “What?”
Sheppard: “Stay off the radio, I’m busy.”

Wraith: "When I catch you, I will savour the taste of your defiance."
Sheppard: "I can’t hear you threatening to suck the life out of me till you hit the button on the radio."
*Wraith picks up the radio and sets off a bomb*

Sheppard: “Lt., I like your timing. Get your ass down here.”
Ford: “Sir, we’re still 20 minutes away at top speed.”
Sheppard: “Well, in that case your timing sucks. Get here as soon as you can!”

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