“That would be like Cattle Ranchers inventing Mad Cow disease. I’m not buying it.”

I have absolutely no memory of this episode. I’m thinking that’s not a good sign…

Oh crap, now I remember. Scary!

Johns and Wagner shout for help, and all the scientists go rushing out to help. Smart People, for sure.
Nothing like screaming, writhing about in agony, and waving at phantoms before dying with facial bleeding to brighten up everybody else’s day!
Heheh, Peterson tries to leave the group, and instead finds large and friendly men carrying large guns.

Friendly Men

So, the Ancients suffered from a plague? That’s the first I"VE eard of it.
Cut to Teyla beating John up with sticks, while wearing scanty leather clothing. Why does she have to have her own practice clothes? Why?
Ohh, so now Teyla and John are stuck in the practice area together. Hope you brought some reading materials! Oh no? Shame, guess you’ll just have to find some other way to pass the hours. Pacing?

McKay and Ford have such a mutual-hatred relationship.
Oh, and now they walk into a lab with lots of shattered test tubes. That’s pretty.
Yep, Sheppard is pacing! While Teyla- poses and breathes heavily? Okay…..
Oh, and now we’re ALL poking around the shattered test tubes. That looks like an EFFECTIVE quarantine.
Yay, there’s Bates!
-and Domae has just gone crazy. Meanwhile, Peterson uses the opportunity to run away and spread the crazy. Such a considerate man.
Peterson is bent on spreading the crazy, but somehow this doesn’t move me emotionally- WOAH that’s a lot of leg you’re showing off, Teyla. Are you sure this is appropriate?
Let’s play Bates-Pong!
(Also, McKay may or may not be seeing phantoms. Jolly.)

Watching this in the dark is really fun. I don’t even LIKE Peterson, and I’m scared of his visions.
Oh bad, McKay is definitely seeing things. And so is Hayes.
Peterson does a Zombie and dies in the middle of the (full) mess hall. Awesome.

So there’s Peterson just died. Including the heart monitors is quite effective.
McKay is giving last instructions as he waits for death. And for once, people let him give them! That’s unusual.
But he doesn’t die! Why?

Hehe, coffee man walking through the Control Room. I approve of Coffee Man. Hello, Coffee Man! Also, we’ve just discovered that this is a Nanovirus designed to kill humans, and Rodney doesn’t think it’s Wraith.
Teyla tries to talk people down, while Sheppard stares soulfully at the dead body.
And we think McKay is alive because he has the Ancient Gene, but that leaves most everybody else still on Death Row.
Rodney’s trying an EM pulse. *crosses fingers*

Well, that was dramatic. Did it work?
No, no it didn’t.

Everybody in the mess hall is going insane? Oh Joy, and crazy lady shoved Teyla onto broken glass.
Now we’re trying to get a get a bigger and better EMP, so we’re gonna blow up a generator in a high-atmosphere nuclear explosion. I love these guys. Though Weir is being all Heroic about it. Silly.
The thing is TWENTY MILES into the atmosphere. Why are you being all scared about it, people?
Okay, yes, Sheppard is allowed to be scared. Everyone else, all you’re gonna see is light. Stop being so silly…

And Weir is cracking the whip at Sheppard. Silly Weir.
Foreboding towards bad peoples who built the virus! DUM DUM DUM!!!!

Ford: "So I suck at Prime/Not Prime, somehow I’m gonna sleep tonight."

Zelenka: “Lt. Ford, would you mind being the subject of a paper on statistical improbabilities?”
Ford: “This is some sort of payback for guys like me beating up guys like you in highschool, right?”

Peterson: "So we’re just gonna stay here?"
McKay: "That’s the plan."
Peterson: "May I say it’s a terrible one?"
McKay: "No you may not."

Teyla: "You have not been practicing."
Sheppard: "Yes I have!"
Teyla: “If this was really a fight—“
Sheppard: “If this was really a fight I’d have shot you by now.”

Ford: "Isn’t this the section Johnson and Wagner were exploring?"
McKay: "Yes it is."
Ford: "So we’re retracing their steps?"
McKay: "Don’t worry, my motives are based entirely on self preservation."

McKay: “You know how much I HATE certain death?”

McKay: "I should be dead now."
Carson: "You ran into Dumea at the same time?"
McKay: "Exactly the same time."
Carson: "So yes, you should be dead."
McKay: "But I’m still here!"
Zelenka: "Interesting."
Carson: "Don’t take this the wrong way, but-"
Zelenka: "Why?"

Ford: "I met up with McKay and Hayes 90 minues after they met up with Dumae! I have- a little under an hour before my brain explodes."
Carson: "Aiden, just listen to me. You’ve been up for almost 20 hours, you’re not thinking straight. Just try and stay calm."
Ford: "Calm? You just told me I have a million tiny robots running through my veins, whose only purpose it so terrorize and kill me! You stay calm!"

Sheppard: "Okay Rodney, I’m here."
McKay: "All right, you see it?"
Sheppard: "Is it the big thing in the middle of the room?"
McKay: "Yep, that’s it."
Sheppard: "Should I pay attention to all these warnings?"
McKay: "Not today, no."

McKay: "You’re only going to have 30 seconds once you release it before it explodes. Get as far away as you can."
Sheppard: "Get as far away from the nuclear explosion as possible. That’s good advice Rodney, thanks."


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