The woman set off an alien alarm!

Sanctuary! And now for some Kirking.

Woah, fire-fight. We’re being attacked! And Teyla has a good point, all those Darts have to come from somewhere to attack them.
Lightening storm in space? Ball of lightening in space? This looks interesting. Particularly since it just ate the Darts.

Let’s go check out the idyllic primitive village!
Woah, the people here believe in Tattoos. And scanty clothing.
Oh look, Children! There aren’t usually children.
And the Abbot hadn’t ever heard of the Wraith.
So you kiss your thumbs when you talk about the priestess? Nice.

We’re off to see the Priestess, the magical Priestess of Athar!
Right, masks. I’m such a fan of masks. Maybe we won’t see any more masks.
Oh great, Magic eyes between Sheppard and the Priestess.
The priestess goes off with her entourage of Priests holding her thumbs, and comes back with a negative.
McKay is being especially loud this episode. o.O He really doesn’t like religion. Or being told "no." "D
Soooo, Sheppard sends away the others, to talk privately with the Priestess in diaphanous gowns.
Anddd, he invites her home. *headdesk*

So. Chai’ah is in perfect health. You go girl!
McKay wants to go back and scan, the skeptic.
Carson thinks she’s TOO healthy. Weir: "And this is a problem because?"
Meanwhile, Sheppard continues "talking" to Chai’ah. She has the gene! Again, TOO healthy.
Chai’ah refuses to be convinced that she needs something from Atlantis.
And Sheppard has packed a picnic for him and Chai’ah. She really is breaking out the magic eyes. And Sheppard is doing the lounging around thing. He lounges well, I guess.


Heh, Rodney’s prowling disapprovingly. Looking either Jealous or just disapproving, I’m not really sure.
Weir: "Did you sleep last night?"
McKay: "No."
And Rodney’s really bad at being discreet.
Well, at least he wasn’t saying anything, just scanning the priestess.
She’s collapsed! Darts back on Procelous!
And she turns into a drift of lighted fog and leaves. Polite, that.
Woah, good SHOT John!
Chai’ah’s got a new diaphanous gown. Nice.
hehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheh. Ahem. It’s the Alien Priestess who has the rule of Non-interference, this time.

Okay, that’s over. Moving on. But it did have some good quotes, though.

Sheppard: "I count two, how bout you?’
Ford: ‘Yes sir. I recommend shooting back, any time now."

McKay: "Okay, you should have weapons now."
Sheppard: "Negative."
McKay: "You sure?"
Sheppar: "Positive!"
McKay: "Well, I’m pretty sure I fixed it!"
*Dart screams by outside*
Sheppard: "Well obviously you didn’t!"

McKay: "So, just to confirm, we are all still, definitely not dead?"
Teyla: *deep breath* "I feel, very much alive."
McKay: "Good! Same here."
Sheppard: "Wish I knew what that was."
Ford: "Looked like lightening."
Sheppard: "Space lightening?"
McKay: "I’ve already said, it’s some sort of an energy weapon. One that only destroys Wraith Darts."
Ford: "Nice. But why them and not us?"
McKay: "Well, assuming that we’re still, alive, and there doesn’t appear to be any damage as a result of the pulse, I think we can safely conclude that uh, ah, um, aum, I got nothing. I got nothing to conclude, I’m just- talking for the sake of talking."
Sheppard: "Are you sure you’re okay?"
McKay: “Are you aware how much I HATE certain death?”

Sheppard: "Picking up anything?"
McKay: "I’m picking up everything, just nothing worth mentioning."

Sheppard: "These people look familiar to you, Teyla?"
Teyla: "The stargate is in orbit, Major. My people could never have ventured here."
Sheppard: "Right."

Zara: "Wraith?"
Sheppard: "Sunken eyes, pale skin, suck the life out of you with their hands…"

McKay: "We just need access to that weapon. Better still, the ZPM. NOT, that we’d steal it or anything-"
Sheppard: "Let’s just, try to stay on our best behavior.
McKay: "I’m always on my best behavior!"

Chai’ah: "I am aware of no weapon."
McKay: "Oh please."
Sheppard: "Rodney! Best behavior…"
McKay: "This is as good as it gets, Major."

Sheppard: “Whoa.”
Chai’ah: “Evening breeze.”
Sheppard: “I was kinda hoping it was a sign from Athar.”

Chai’ah: "Your words are most compelling, Major."
Sheppard: "Thank you. I was going for compelling."

Weir: “But perhaps after that you would like a full tour.”
Chai’ah: “I would love that.”
Teyla: “Major Sheppard has already promised to do so.”
Weir: “Of course he has!”
Sheppard: “Of course I have.”

McKay: "Perhaps I should tag along unless the Major needs any help explaining-"
Sheppard: "Got a handle, Rodney!"
McKay: "There are many systems you know absolutely nothing-"
Sheppard: "Got it covered!"

Carson: "Well my dear, it looks as though you’re just as lovely on the inside, as you are on the out. *pauses* If health is synonymous with beauty."

McKay: "…take a team back and scan the planet from orbit. Chai’ah’s people wouldn’t have a clue what we’re doing, unless they’re a technically advanced people who are pretending not to be. Which has, happened before."
Weir: "Did you find, anything to suggest that they’re technologically advanced?"
McKay: "Heh. They’re either pathetically pre-technelogical, or brilliantly post technological. Either way- no."

Sheppard: “Don’t get me wrong, we knew going into it that it might be a one way trip, but we hoped that what we would find here would be worth the risk.”
Chai’ah: “And is it?”
Sheppard: “So far. Ask me again when the Wraith show up.”

Weir: “We embrace a number of different religions and philosophies: Christianity, Buddism, Judaism, Islam—“
Sheppard: “Hinduism, Kwanzaa—“
*Weir looks at him mockingly*

McKay: "Hey, you got it working?"
Groban: "Yes."
McKay: "Any idea what it does?"
Groban: "It would appear to be an internal/external Biometric Sensor Array."
McKay: "Now sadly, I understood that. Where’d all those Saturday nights go?"

McKay: "Someone should be keeping an eye on her!"
Groban: "Major Sheppard is."
McKay: *sarcastic* "Oh, I’m sure he is."

Sheppard: "Chai’ah mentioned she wanted to see the best view of the city at night, which I think is atop the south-west pier, and it’s such a long walk I thought I’d bring along a few provisions."
Teyla: "Continuing our efforts to secure a treaty."
Sheppard: "Exactly."
Teyla: "As our- ambassador."
Sheppard: *nods* "I am an ambassador, and she is, a -diplomat!"
Teyla: "On a late-night- picnic?"
Sheppard: "Yes."
Teyla: "I know as ranking military officer, here in Atlantis, that you feel a heavy burden of responsibility. But you ARE allowed to have feelings for others."
Sheppard: *chuckles* "Oh no, this is an ambassadorial, diplomatic, picnic, thing."

Weir: "And you know this because?"
McKay: "I’m not allowed to have intuition?"
Weir: "You? No."

Chai’ah: “You said it yourself; we are both human.”
Sheppard: “Yes. We are. And I’m really glad you didn’t say family or I would have to leave.”

McKay: “Your Captain Kirk routine is inadvisable to say the least, let alone morally dubious.”
Sheppard: “What routine?”
McKay: “Romancing the alien priestess? That’s very 1967 of you.”

Chai’ah: “I have lived in solitude for so long, when you asked me to come to Atlantis, I couldn’t—“
McKay: “Oh my gosh, he is Kirk!”

Sheppard: *has just found out that Chai’ah is an Ancient.* "Can we just have a moment to ourselves here?"
Everyone: "NO!"


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