“You are welcome among our people. You will not be returning to yours.”

So, it’s Elizabeth’s birthday? And Sheppard got her a pot from the mainland. So sweet.
Yay, exploring! Rodney wants a new living quarters. And is polite as always about it.

You know, when watching the intro, I always end up thinking that Teyla has pointed ears. Like Rose! ^_^ I’ll stop now.

So, we found an ancient Ancient woman, frozen but alive, and we’re reviving her. Rodney is being rude, and people are amused about it.
"She knows things." That’s calming.
Now she says that she’s Elizabeth.
And Carson says she IS Elizabeth. Okay, let’s go for explanations.

Let’s go back in time! ShinYYY!
But there seems to be some discrepancy between what she’s saying and the reality we know.
We’re showing Old Elizabeth around- I wonder if that’s a plaid blanket Carson brought.
Grodan is British! I didn’t know that. Also, I like the "regular day" crowd scenes in the control room.

Alternate history:
Woah, Sumner just doesn’t have luck. He’s dead. o.O Drowned, this time.
Go Sheppard, find those ships!
"We’ve got people trapped with water rising." That’s bad, I’m guessing.
And now the gate room’s flooded, with Rodney and Groban in it. Erk.
Carson and Rodney drowned heroically, of course- OH BAD Darts.
Now we meet the Council. Dire people who enunciate a lot. Is it just me, or are they channeling Elvenkind? We’ve got Irish, English, Asian, African, Welsh, French – I’ll stop now.
Atlantis is pretty at sunset.
Atlantis At Sunset

But there’s more stained glass in this version. I guess the colours have faded in our time.

There goes the transport. Erk. There is a lot of death in this episode.

Awww, everybody’s sleeping in the infirmary to watch ancient-Elizabeth.
Oh, and the old lady is swearing. o.O
Let’s take the ships to Valinor! I mean, the gate to Earth. Ahem.
I think Jonis ended up in England. He sounds Aurthorian. Don’t ask me why.
Heyyy, that explains the dust sheets and all! Elizabeth knew that people would be coming back!
And she delivers her news, and flatlines. Stubborn lady. I’m not so much of a Weir fan, but I can respect her.

*found a frozen woman in Atlantis*
Sheppard: “Maybe she wanted to stay behind.”
Ford: “Maybe they forgot about her.”
Sheppard: “In which case she’s going to be *really* pissed when she wakes up.”

Weir: *to frozen woman* "Hello, can you hear me?"
Frozen woman: *stares blankly*
McKay: "Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of." *waves a hand in her face* "Freezer burn."

Weir: “She said it worked.”
McKay: “What does that mean?”
Sheppard: “I assume something worked.”
McKay: “Yes, that’s very sharp."
Sheppard: "Thank you.”

Frozen woman: "I didn’t think I’d see any of you again. Missed you all, so terribly. Even you, Rodney."

Weir: "She somehow found a way to travel back in time, to when the Ancients inhabited the city."
Teyla: "How did, she, do this."
Weir: "That is one of the first questions I’m going to ask her when she wakes up again."

McKay: "Let’s not preclude the notion that the woman is- what is the clinical term- nuts?"

McKay: "I know what you’re thinking. If she’s been waiting in that stasis chamber all those millennia for us to arrive, why didn’t the City automatically attempt to revive her the moment we got here? Answer: it did. I’ve been going over the data files from our arrival. One of the first things we noticed, was a sudden power surge in that portion of the city where the stasis lab was. It was trying to revive you. Only we didn’t know that. All we saw was a more power draining from an already almost depleted ZPM. So we shut down all secondary systems. Almost killed her. You. How weird is that?"
Weir: "Very weird."

Weir: "We only get a couple of words out of her at a time before she dozes off."
Carson: "Which I might remind you is not uncommon for a woman of ten thousand."

*talking to a time-traveler from a parallel universe in which they all died violently*
McKay: “Well, a man wonders how he would choose to go out, given such dire circumstances. Now I know.”
Weir: “Trying to save the lives of others.”
Sheppard: “But, ultimately failing.”
McKay: *look of doom* "I’m sure if I had a few more seconds, I could’ve."

McKay: “Ah! The bitter taste of ultimate failure, hm?”
Sheppard: “Well, if you had just figured out how to fix the damn shield in the first place, none of us would have died.”

Atlantean: "Enough of this tampering with time. Causality is not to be treated so lightly."
Jonis: "No one’s taking it lightly."
Altantean: "You are. With your insistence on continuing these experiments, despite the condemnation of this council. We ordered you to cease these activities. And yet- here we sit, face to face with a visitor from the future, who arrived here in the very machine you agreed not to construct."


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