“I’m going to bed.”

Yay for Brotherhood!
On the other hand, we have monks and Wraiths outside. Scary.
So, they say things will be bad if they die, and then they die. Fun!

Now we have a bossy scientist woman and enthusiastic Rodney. Also fun. I’m getting lovely vibes from this episode….

And the Jenii are going to be involved? Drat, I really hoped Kolya would die.
So the Jenii have spies close to the team, uh, the one in the, uh, planet, with the monks. I didn’t catch the name. This is just SUCH fun.

I wish I knew how to swear in Czeck. It sounds so awesome.
We have deep sensors?

Monks lefts clues, yadda yadda yadda,
McKay is fawning, blah blah blah,
Allina has an annoying voice, dum dum dum,
I see the spy, drah drah drah,
McKay is trying to impress the girl, kley kley kley,
Now we’re gonna go digging- Oh look, Genii!

Allina thinks they’re the Ancients. I sense that’s not gonna work out well for her. Premonition, or just memory? I’m not sure. I didn’t remember a whole lot about this episode.
Stone-finding montage!
Woah, that was some kind of snaky smile on Alliana.
And, now she’s hitting on McKay. PERFECT. I don’t trust this woman. In the slightest.
And Rodney is sleepy. Good, spare the children.
Oh Hey, the planet is called Sondaran. I think.
And Alliana just found out that McKay is not an Ancient.
Hehehehehehheh. Rodney, is NOT good with words. Or women.

HEY…. it’s a secret underground hatch! Is it locked?
I guess that’s a no.
Let’s explore the creepy underground chamber while the Jenii look on and forebode! That sounds like a GREAT plan!

Mmmm, tasty underground cave.
Cave WITH mysterious Indiana-Jones-structures.
Woah, we have 27 minutes till a Wraith Dart gets to Atlantis? I didn’t remember THAT.
And Ford is DOWN.
No he ISN"T! Woah, that’s a leet moment. Unconscious man kills two men and grabs another for a shield. Oh heck yeah.
"Did you actually think a single bullet to the shoulder would kill me?" The man actually has a point.

Andddd, now we have McKay as a hostage.
Bates and Becket as a Fighter Team. The. World. Is. Not. Ready.
Dum de dum, McKay and Alliana play smart hostage. Fun.
What the heck? We just lost Markam and Smith? This is not good.
Back the the hostages, Kolya is snacking on the communion bread. That man is just SOOOOOoooo lovable.
Back in Antlantis. Bates is being insulted by the presence of the Wraith.
And the Wraith just self-destructed, which makes Bates righteously happy.

Back on the planet, we have the last stone!
And Teyla has some hidden knives, and Ford has some flashbangs. Things are looking UP! Only I still have the feeling things are going to go bad. And hey, we have a new tech-boy with us! I just noticed!
But guy’s name is Markam too, I think. Multiple Markams!
Tech boy’s name is Kronos, he just had patterns stamped into his hands, and now he collapsed dead.
Or was it Primus? The dead guy?

Sheppard could be a member of Mensa, heh.
Oh look, ZPM!
Woah, Teyla doesn’t fight half heartedly. Did she just kill two people in two seconds?
That, is a threatening pose, Sheppard. I APPROVE of that.

Sheppard Being Awesome
Allina has a gun.
And she has a lot of allies with larger guns.
I knew I didn’t trust her.

OH LOOK, WRAITH ON THE WAY!!!! Three hive ships, heading here! In two weeks. THis day just keeps getting better and better.

This entire episode is a waste of space. It doesn’t even have good QUOTES!

Here are the quotes, such as they are;

Alliana: "It’s a layout, of the Sudarian villages. The walls of the monastary have protected it for over ten thousand years."
McKay: "It’s beautiful."
Alliana: "Mmm, it is. And yet, my eye is drawn elseware."
(Can I say that is one of the creepier moments this show has yet produced? *shudders*)

(McKay has just learned that Allina has a crush on him)
McKay: “What should I do?”
Sheppard: *stares at him* “You don’t know what to do?”
McKay: “I know what to do *eventually*, I mean what do I do *now*? Should I say something, something tonight?”

Kolya: "Dr. McKay! So wonderful to hear your grating voice again. How’s the arm?"

Kolya: “If Dr. McKay succeeds in finding the ZPM, the others will be let go. You have my word.”
Sheppard: “Well, we have his word.”

(trying to cut into the wall to find something)
McKay: “Someone give me a knife."
*Genii smirk at him*
McKay: "You all have *guns*. Someone give me a knife.”

Teyla: "There may be more than one way into the place."
Sheppard: "If you’re trying to hide a chamber, you don’t put a whole bunch of entrances and exits all over the damn place!"

Sheppard: "Ever heard the saying Two Heads Are Better Than One?"
McKay: "It’s a common misconception."
Sheppard: *to Kolya* "GIve me the gun, I’ll shoot him myself."

McKay: “Shut up so I can think!”
Sheppard: “I’m not gonna shut up, my life’s at stake!”
McKay: “Exactly. Simmer down and let me save it.”

*after Rodney’s just been temporarily blinded*
Sheppard: "Are we good?"
McKay: "Yeah! As far as I can SEE."

(Sheppard has just learned two of his men were killed)
Weir: “And we found something else…rather unsettling.”
Sheppard: “I’m already unsettled.”


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