*must write more/faster*

I blame Merc. She wrote this post. And it sounded like such a good idea.

So now Varesh Elm, Bahnree’s wonderful character who is in a FIGHTING TOURNAMENT, is on the line. *cries* I like Varesh, I really do, and he keeps moving in such tight spots, and yeah. I’ve been nervous for him for AGES. So now if he dies, it’s all on my conscience. HOW did I think this was a good idea?
On the other hand, if I swing this, Bahnree can’t kill him, right? Right?
That doesn’t stop her from threatening to torture him if I don’t write enough daily, which I’m sure she’d enjoy, she’s so good at torture. *more crying from Snazel* This just isn’t good, for Varesh. I’m sorry, man. You’re gonna end up in painful pieces, and then dead.
NO! I will not allow it! He will at least have a good minimum-of-torture life before his untimely demise! *firm*
  • Words: 1,424
  • Scenes: 2
  • Characters in more trouble than before: Everybody.
  • Characters rescued: Didn’t I say that everybody was in more trouble now?


  • Most Hated: Cole- Arrogant Bastard. Die now, plz.
  • Most Admired: Jaslyn- You are HARD CORE. I have no idea what you’re doing, but still. HARDCORE.
  • Most Loved: Sorry, no love today. Try me again later.
  • Most worrying: Law- I really hope you, just keep it together! Keep it together! You can do it! Be strong! Oh, please don’t cry, I’l give you a proper hug later, really I will do, just, stop crying. Please. Pretty Please?

2 thoughts on “*must write more/faster*

  1. “NO! I will not allow it! He will at least have a good minimum-of-torture life before his untimely demise! *firm*”

    I repeated that to Varesh and he said he feels better….but he had a :S face so I don't know what that means?

    Also, it's funny, cuz when I first brought him into the story I pondered killing him later in the story, but decided against it. That said, it WOULD work in the plot, I know it would, cuz I've already thought about it. *pleased smile*

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