I love fade-to-black. :D

Wordcount: 1,028

Scenes: 1
People Tortured: Well, one person for realz, and his girl friend is listening, which is kinda torture too, especially since she can’t do anything since she’s a prisoner. Oh, and the B****rds in charge of this joint know that he likes her. So that’s good.
Plot Progression: I know that the people who seem to have everything in control are infighting, which means that I can actually write- maybe- a scene that’s been worrying me. Um, aside from that, more people deserve to die? I don’t like my bad guys. 😛 Which is just possibly a good thing.
Notes: Bad headache. Seriously, bad. I had to sleep for an hour before I could see straight. And I only wrote this scene by being really stubborn and saying “he’s got it worse than me!” Torture is so useful, some times. 😛 But I think this scene was better/more believable than the last torture one I wrote.
Notes 2: I’m having pronoun problems. “My” keeps coming out as “him,” or “I” as “the.” My mind works in strange and mysterious ways to edit.
Gonna go curl up and put a weight on him head now, kthnxbai.

4 thoughts on “I love fade-to-black. :D

  1. Sounds like a productful day, even with headaches. I hate those.

    And y'know, the more I read people's progress reports, the more it makes me kinda want to do them too… 😛 If only I was more motivated. lol

    Keep up the good works. %-)

    ~Merc, who approves of character torture

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