"They told me I was a valued customer, now they send me hate mail!"

Word Count: 1,729

Scenes: 2
“die” used: 15 times.
“help” used: 22 times
So we’ve got two scenes of INSANE stream-of-consciousness. Not really good. Especially since it was all written after brain death. So jolly. *falls over*
However, in my defense, I did watch a movie after work, and I still got this written. *pauses* That doesn’t really sound like a defense. More explanation might be requiered. Ahem. See, when I’m writing, I wear earbuds. A side effect of living in a house of children/liking music. And when I’m writing, I’m not in the mood for conversation. Mysterious, I know. My sisters seem to find this mysterious, at any rate. And I generally, after a certain amount of time, either am A.) Rude- (“Why are you talking to me, and how did you get in my room? Leave. Now.”) or B.) vaguely agreeable- (“Yeah. Yes. Sure. Okay. Ah-huh. Sure. Sorry, what was that?”) On Tuesday, I think it was, I chose option B. And I agreed to watch the extended edition of the Lord Of The Rings. Oops?
Now, I love the Lord Of The Rings, and I am a fan of marathons. Big Fan. Just, not while trying to write stories. Not so much. So I triumphantly diverted the plan into watching Confessions Of A Shopaholic instead. (Good movie, btw. Fun chick-flick, and almost all Kendra-Friendly.) We watched, and then I was tired, and then I wrote, darn it. I finished these scenes, DARN IT. Ahem. Now my brain is hamstering. You know the thing when your mind feels like a hamster on a runaway wheel? Yep. I should stop typing and go break the wheel. *waves*
Tomorrow I, uh, set fires, shoot people, and so on. I think.

Pergite animo forti, Lacedaemonii, hodie apud inferos fortasse cenabimus!

[Don’t ask about the latin, it just seemed appropriate.]

3 thoughts on “"They told me I was a valued customer, now they send me hate mail!"

  1. Yay for getting writing done with distractions. 😉

    Aaahhhh, the days of watching all three extended LOTR movies back to back. %-)

    I did it once. (It was awesome fun, seeing how it was one of those events where they rented a church with a huge screen and half the people came in costume.) But, um, yeah, I agree… not when trying to write. 😛

  2. @ Bahnree. *teary sniff* Thank you! Thank you so much! I will! *heroic music plans*

    @ Merc: Thank you for agreeing with me. I now feel justified in my furious diversion away from epics I would like to watch, only not now. 😀

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