“No no, it’s a good question, I just wondered what I’d said to set it off.”

Oh wow, I’m ALMOST DONE WITH SEASON ONE. Who’da thunk it? Ahem.

Wraith. Wraith in, Atlantis. This is NOT GOOD.
Oh wait, it’s just a nightmare.
I think.
Oh wait, it’s a nightmare within a nightmare. This is not a jolly night.

Okay, now that my heart rate’s nicely elevated, we can go on to the intro! Fun times!

Wow, let’s throw Teyla around. That’s a pretty nice fight scenes, though!
Now let’s have a team meeting!
Everything’s going well, until ponytail man pipes up. Yay, Cavenaah.
I sense a little tension among the ranks. Maybe because no one’s sleeping?

Kate Heightmyer. Funny how she generally comes in episodes with dreams.
Teyla is not interested in talking to the mind-doctor. I wouldn’t be either. She’s rather a little too, swishy. And blonde. And polite. And mind-doctor-ish.
Now Sheppard is taking her off duty.

Hehehehehehe. McKay, you dog. "seeing" Dr. Heightmyer, I’m SURE you are.

Dreaming that you are about to suck the life out of yourself, that’s sure to be fun.

Field trip! I like the Athosian Village. I like the design of the huts.
Let’s get soup. Yummy soup, apparently.
Ohh, yummy soup and taboo tales. o.O

Let’s go on a secondary field trip!
Sheppard has fun hair.
Okay, on the planet. Spiderwebs… Oh, and fog! This place just fills me with confidence. The lightening is a nice touch too.
Mckay’s found something!
McKay Investigates
Woah, and Telya just walked through a cliff.
We’ve found what, a Wraith ship? Inside a cliff?
So Weir is a linguist? Go Weir!

Bad nightmares. Aw, honey, I’m sorry Teyla!

heheh, Zelenka and McKay have a betting pool going. About historical theories. I love those guys. *grins*

Now let’s give Teyla bad news.
Lookies here! Your ancestors were lab rats! You’re part Wraith! … are you sure you don’t want to sit down?

Go Teyla, leet Wraith Hackzor!

Second round.
Control room.
Teyla just woke up,
and THAT’S not Teyla.

Incoming wormhole! Oh Damn, the Alpha site is under attack.
… so much for keeping Teyla’s "gift" under our hat- and from Bates. He’s not so happy.

Third round!
Woah, Teyla decks everybody.
Bates takes her DOWN! Go Bates!

And foreboding for next round. Dum de dum.

I’m not usually a fan of Teyla episodes, in general, but that one is jolly. Ish. In a manner of speaking. You know…

Weir: "We have less than a week before the Wraith arrive. I want options."
McKay: ‘What, you mean besides crying ourselves to sleep?" *looks around* "Well, not me, I haven’t slept in days."

Zelenka: "What he’s trying to say, is that the control chair may be our best option."
McKay: "I was getting to that!"
Zelenka: "Yes, but you were taking to long, as usual."

Cavvenah. "There are hundreds of thousands of life sucking aliens in highly advanced space ships on their way here to destroy us!"
Way to keep it real, Cavenah

McKay: "What was that we were supposed to remember? Something important, oh wait, what was it? Oh yes, the Almao."

Teyla: "The Wraith are coming, what I need is to do something!"
Sheppard: "Okay, good! I suggest you take a nap."

Teyla: "The fact that on some level I see myself as a Wraith is very disturbing to me!"

Carson: "I ran every test I could on all of you from the get go. Physiologically, you and your people are the same as we are. I have no explanation for any of your special super powers."
Teyla: "I only have one."
Carson: "I’ve seen you fight my dear."

McKay: "I’ve got a little…" *walks off.*
Ford: "You got a little? You got a little what? Hey McKay, you got a little what?"
Sheppard: *glares at him*
Ford: "Oh, it’s okay when you guys are making fun of me."

*teyla has just walked through a cliffside*
Sheppard: "How’d she do that?"
McKay: "Maybe she got a good running start! You know, really slam into it."
Sheppard: "give him a look of doom*

Weir: "You were right."
Carson: "Lovely, about what?"

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