Death threats make every day seem like November.

Word Count: 1,042

Scenes: 1
Some days the words just attack you, and turns of phrase turn up in your doc.s without you consciously realizing that you wrote them. Days of wonderful, living (or dying) characters, complicated yet clear plots, and actual continuity. That is not this day.
Imma go watch some SGA now, k? I can has SGA plz? Kthnxbai.

4 thoughts on “Death threats make every day seem like November.

  1. LOVE SGA!!! I'm currently receiving discs of the final season from Netflix. So are you going to watch the new show this fall? Looks pretty good :).

    *cheers on outline* Your outline makes me feel guilty and like a slacker :P. Good job! I myself should probably keep one but outlines usually don't help because I hardly refer back to them (or I tend to stray a little too much).

  2. I wasn't planning on watching Universe, and then I watched an interview with the Scottish man (oops, don't remember the name. :P) And he said something about his character being able to make really unpleasant things look tempting, and being someone you should never, under any circumstances, trust. So now of course I HAVE to watch it. 😛

    Thanks for all the love on my outline! *shy*

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