“You’re trying to get inside my mind. Allow me.”

Let’s watch part 1 of 3! Sounds like a wonderful recipe.
Zelanka and McKay, do you ever stop fighting? Or ever sleep? Inquiring minds want to know.
Field trip! To ancient, deserted Satellite which holds the fate of us all. McKay gets all the fun jobs…

No, they never do stop fighting. *shakes head*

Let’s throw in Bates, and mock him for good measure!
And then we’ll ignore his, frankly, good advice, because we’re LOYAL, darn it! And because we’re loyal to our team, no one within it could POSSIBLY be compromised! *sigh*
And then Zelenka comes up with the news that the Self Destruct is not gonna be enough! At least someone’s thinking logically around here, sheesh.

So there’s T-Rexs at the Alpha site, Bates and Teyla are fighting, and McKay is nervous in his space suit.


I love the noise the electronics in this show make when they spin up.

The search for an alpha site continues, and Ford continues to try to name things.
And Bates continues to, uh, be beat up?
Meanwhile, we have Science For Dummies with Grodan and McKay!
Teyla is being questioned about her loyalty. Haven’t we been over this before?
Meanwhile, on the satellite, the damage is on the outside. Now THERE"s a shocker!

There’s a Wraith in the city. Isn’t this just a WONDERFUL day?
Recon Wraith, none the less. Jolly.
But Zelenka has an idea! Go, scrappy Czech man with the ideas!
McKay in space, is, not a perfect picture of grace. Ouch. No not really.
Now let’s start up the life signs tracker the Jenii got to use! Just, y’know, for equal opportunity
Woah, Recon Wraith was expecting visitors. How many men is that down?

Wait, are we gonna leave Grodan? o.O
We are! Noo! I don’t remember- does he make it? *bites nails*
Here comes the Armada. *swallows hard*
POWER UP, Grodan!

Meanwhile, the Wraith is doing the freaky breathing thing. That’s always calming, for everyone involved.
And Teyla’s gonna try and mind-rape the Wraith. You scare me, girl.

Back at the Satellite, YEAH! We took out a hive ship! GO US!

Back with Bob, the mind-rape kinda backwired.

At the Satellite, everything’s going wrong. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……
We just lost the Satellite, and Grodan.
That is an abrupt change of emotion.

Wraith, dude, ever consider getting more lines? I mean, the "we will feed/feast" and "when the other come you will regret it" gets a old after a while.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It’s kinda pulling a "let’s waste minor characters for cheap emotion, and be idealistic!" Meh. I love idealism so much. 😛

McKay: "In military parlance, surprise- is an element- on our side."

Weir: “Well, Rodney, I don’t mean to put any undue pressure on you, but that satellite is the only thing standing between the Wraith and Atlantis.”
Sheppard: “No undue pressure!”

McKay: "Now I realise I am invaluable everywhere-"
Zelenka: "You know what, forget about it, I take it back."
McKay: "Sorry, no, you can’t take it back! Because you have just admitted, that I am smarter than you are."
Zelenka: "I admitted no such thing!"
McKay: "Oh, it was hard to say, but the truth shone through and you were compelled to speak." *insufferable smirk*
Zelenka: "You are a miserable little– man."
McKay: "Hey hey hey hey, let’s not, ruin the moment now here."

Sheppard: "How ’bout M4H452?"
Bates: “No, sir, it’s crawling with Genii spies.”
Sheppard: “Do you know that for a fact, Sgt, or is your spidey sense just tingling?”

*looking for a new alpha site*
Weir: "You know, we wouldn’t be haveing this problem if the damn alpha site we’d picked hadn’t been marked by the Wraith."
Sheppard: "A real pain in the ass, aren’t they?"

Weir: "I’m so glad you decided I needed to see this. I was just thinking that my nightmares needed to be more vivid."

(to Teyla)
Sheppard: “What the hell are you doing? You don’t go around decking the head of security!”
Teyla: "He said-"
Sheppard: "I don’t care what he said! He says a lot of things."

Grodan: "You’re going to be fine."
McKay: *who is in a space suit* "Yeah, easy for you to say, you’re not the one with an eight hour ceiling on your breathing!"

Grodan: "I think I found the switch to turn the gravity back on!"
McKay: "Good, just give me a second to-AHHHhhhhh *clunk* Yep, that’s permanent back damage."

Ford: "Which one is that?"
Sheppard: "You know, the one with all the waterfalls?"
Ford: "See, now why don’t we just call it Planet Waterfall?"

Grodan: "So if we route the power around the buffer it should arm!"
McKay: "Now, your masterful grip on the blatantly obvious continues to impress me, Peter."
Grodan: *glare of doom* "Thank you."

McKay: "Okay, obviously Rock Paper Scissors doesn’t work with three people."

Miller: “You’re the best qualified to fix it anyway, sir.”
McKay: “Mmm. Flatter the dead man. Good.”

McKay: "This is bad! Very bad! I’m not sure I can fix this!"
Grodan: "You can fix anything."
McKay: "Who told you that?"
Grodan: "You did. On several occasions."

(to Wraith prisoner)
Sheppard: “Have you got a name? Okay, we’ll go with Bob.”

Bob: "What are you trying to do, Human? You’re trying to get inside my mind. Allow me." *mind rapes Teyla, just a little*

Sheppard: “I need to know what you’ve done to this city! *shoots him several times* Listen, Bob, I have *no* problem with killing you whatsoever.”

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