“For God’s sakes turn around…”

Part 2! Yeah! *bites nails*

Heh, way to send reinforcements at the WORST possible time. Oh wait, it’s the best time, silly me. Ahem.
GJ Ford for saluting! No one else remembers…
Annnddd, I forgot how annoying Col. Everett is.

Maybe it is the worst time…
I don’t know what accent Col. Everett sporting, but I think I hate it. Passionately.
Ford and Everett bond over rail guns. Cute. ^_^

Oooo, power struggles!
And lots of bombs.
The scientists watch the bombs….

Wow, Col. Arrogant is bad at listening to his men on the ground. o.O
The red-hats seem decent, though…. What odds they die right away? I think they die right away.

Lots of guns! Lots, of expendable american boys. Srsly, are there ANY girls here? Or ANY people who aren’t corn-fed all-stars? They’re all white, too…
Yay scientist being given guns! I approve of scientists with guns.

So, now Col. Sarcastic goes to go check out Teyla. In every sense of the word. And is that a woman or not? I’m not sure. Oh, long hair. Probably a girl.

Way to leave Carson in the chair and storm away, McKay. Your bedside manner is just WONDERFUL.
And we don’t have enough drones to be useful!
Oh, and now the mines are gone too! Yayyy- oh your plan is SPLENDID, Col. Annoying.

Shiny Holograms. I want one of those.
Btw, Carson is wearing a gun. I approve of that.
Mmmmm, Everett has a ship on his shoulder. A big one.

Darts incoming! Run silent!
Wow, this is an awesomely pretty battle. I’m gonna watch it again.
*watches it again*
Now it every tenth bullet is tracer, HOW much ammunition did they just paint the sky with? No wonder they have a big budget.
Nooo, Kamikaze Wraith? When did they start being self sacrificing?
Nooo, they’ve just beamed up a gun emplacement!
Ford runs out and take over the gun, while Sheppard takes on the chair. I sense leetness incoming. And all around.
I’ve only seen three Darts blow, though, concerning……..
Five! Woah, ball of fire.
Six! And the city is on fire.

Next morning!
Oh, everyone is pulling together to make a fireship to attack the Hives with! They’re so ADORABLE! *hugs them all* *Goes to wash Evererett-taint off*
Woah woah woah, we’re gonna go talk to the Jenii? When did this become a good idea?
Teyla fights her way past the security, with BAD news. *sokka voice* We have Wraith intruders.

Heh. Heh. Heh. "The Wraith piloting the Kamikaze Darts beamed into the city right before they crashed." Now THAT makes more sense!
o.O Twenty or TH-THIRTY Wraith?
And the Athosians want to help. Don’t turn down the gesture… Yay making friends!
Dude, awesome fly-bys over the city. I want those.
Notice how Halling isn’t helping with the searches? He’s probably praying.
Okay, he’s not along. Sheppard was with him. Ford was just bait. Wheew/
News from the Jenii- they want one unarmed representative.
Wait, and Elizabeth is walking into the trap?
Wahhh, blindfolded Eilzabeth left in interrogation room with skeletal man!
The Wraith visited the Jenii already. Eep. This isn’t a calming situation.

Meanwhile, back at home. we have a power outage.
And a dead guy.
And another dead guy.
And a dead generator.

Weir is busy being hardcore while blindfolded. Impressive.
Why is McKay carrying a P-90? Oh yeah, the Wraith in the city.

Go Carson and activating the chair!
Go McKay and Zelanka and fixing the puddle jumper!
Go Weir and getting the bomb!
Go Teyla and crew and killing the Wraith!

Oh wait, McKay and Zelenka have to fix the bombs.
Wow, they’re looking tired.
There go the bombs!
Maybe once Everett doesn’t have an eternal chip on his shoulder he isn’t THAT bad.
Awesome flyby!
Here come the Wraith……………. *bites nails*
WOOAH, there’s a lot of Darts coming in.
Yeah, you BETTER be on fire, Dart. You’d better die. *waggles finger*

And the chair won’t work! We can’t get the bomb in the air! Oh noes!
"So long, Rodney." *cries*
Woah, sheppard has green eyes when he’s staring soulfully at the camera, about to sacrifice himself.
Col. Everett empties his handgun into the Wraith, which does not slow it down.
Dude, I told you the red hats were dead. And Ford is trapped too.
SO Carson, so McKay, you both have the gene. Who’s gonna be secondary pilot?


To quote myself the first time I watched this one, "HOW IS THIS A FINALE? HOW IS THAT FINAL? IT. DOESN"T. END. ANYTHING!!!!"

Ahem. *shuffles feet* Yeah it’s a good show.Quotes! *dances

Weir: I don’t think you fully understand our position."

Everett: "You have three Wraith Hive ships bearing down on your position, and precious little to defend yourself."
Weir: "Actually it’s down to two Wraith Hive ships, we managed to destroy one.
Everett: "GOOD for you!"

Everett: "I don’t need to explain myself to you Dr. Weir, and I don’t need your co-operation."
Sheppard: "But you could probably use mine. Sir."

McKay: I should be in that meeting. I am the foremost expert on the defensive capabiliies in this city!"
Zelenka: “You know how it is, when the military steps in, scientists take the back seat.”
McKay: “Until they need us. They don’t think they need us.”
Zelenka: “They don’t think they need us.”
McKay: “Yeah, they don’t think they need us right up until the point that they need us…and then, they need us.”
Zelenka: “Then they need us.”

Everett: *talking about Sumner.* "Worse, you admit to firing the shot that killed him."
Sheppard: "Because I believe that is what he wanted me to do."
Everett: "And you knew him that well, did you?"

(after the Wraith destroy the mines by dropping asteroids on them)
McKay: “Well, that’s that. Your mines make one hell of a bang, Colonel. I’m sure the Wraiths’ ears are ringing.”

McKay: "You show up here with your guns, and your brush cuts, and when it actually comes to saving the city, you turn to the scientists. And every time, what you ask is impossible!"
Everett: "When was the last time you slept, doctor?"
McKay: "gshhhhh- Shut up I have an idea."

Ford: “Hey, how about next time, you be the bait.”
Sheppard: “Yeah. Maybe. Next time.”

Weir: "You heard our message, the Wraith are at our doorstep."
Pranna: "And we are understandably delighted at the prospect of your demise."

Beckett: “You wanted to see me, Rodney?”
McKay: “Yeah, I need something to keep me awake.”
Zelenka: “Yeah, me too.”
Beckett: “I’ve already given you something!”
McKay: “Yeah, well, we’re building nuclear bombs here. Staying awake is sort of a prerequisite.”


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