“Shall I inform the remaining Wraith that you are unavailable to fight?”

Let’s finish up this thing! Boo-yah!
*dies of a coughing fit.*

Okay, so we tried the Ancient Sat- didn’t work.
We tried Mines- didn’t work.
We tried superior firepower- about that.
We tried the control chair- oops.
We tried the control chair and jumpers- also oops.
Now, we try suicide attacks! Always good for a laugh, those.

One red hat down- three down- dude.
Red hat with the grenade. I think I love you, a little. Too bad I was right, and you’re all dead.
Sheppard, on the other hand, gets to magically live.
And here comes the deadelous, (Yes, I can’t spell). Hurrah for Deus Ex Asgard! Always my favorite way to resolve deadly no-win situations. ^_^

Oh wait, things are not resolved. Everett is being eaten- no wait he gets to be saved by a dying red-hat.
Drama aboard the Asgard ship. Too bad I don’t care. *yawns*
Rodney and his red-hats have just met some Wraith.
Hehehehe. "I’m getting good at the rolly things, maybe I could do that-"
Why do the Wraith go around growling? Have they ever heard of stealth?
McKay clearly hasn’t heard of keeping his ammunition in the gun.

On the Asgard, Sheppard is being wooden and posing a lot, and Hermiad is being jolly.

Oh noooooo, Wraiths are being suicidal? Again? Haven’t we gone over this before?
Woah, fireballs. And lots of dead Wraith.

Okay, I thought she was going to kiss him for a moment. Thank you for NOT doing that, Weir. Thank you. *sincere*
Everett has the shakes. Probably because he’s just had a Wraith suck most of the life out of him. And now he doesn’t hate Sheppard! Let’s be friends! Er, maybe not.

Ford is missing, but no one else important is.
Wait, we’ve got Ford in the water.
Heheheh, I like that the beaming brought water back with Ford and the Wraith.
Ford iz on Wraith Drugs. Mmmmm, tasty.
Also, his dog tags have plastic edges on them? Why?

Now we attack the Wraith! Go us! Also, the Asgard ship sounds like it’s ripped from Star Wars.

Um, Ford is back, only his eye is, funky. And he doesn’t seem to have noticed.
{sadly, I can’t take screenshoots any more}
We attack the Wraith!
Drat, this really is a pretty battle.

And it’s suddenly going a little twisted.
BIG bad Wraith ship.
That girl with teh ponytail does not convince me.
So Caldwell thinks we shouldn’t have tried this, because his ship is a little damaged? We took out at least TWO hives ships! TWO! Last time, how many people died to take out two?
Ford is back- only teh Wraith drugs are clearly having an effect. Talk about mood swings! *is impressed*
Now we sedate him! Only it hasn’t worked….

Ford is-woah, holding a gun on Carson?
Carson, I heart you. I heart that holding a gun on you has not effect, and threatening your patients does.

Also, we should back up the Ancient database on the Deadleous, just in case. Just throwing that out there.

Is that Dumae? it is! DUMAE IS BACK FROM THE DEAD.
I like this montage. With the fiery sky and the stalking through catwalks.

Now for complicated-plan-to-save-the-city-mark-what is this? Six? Seven? Eight?
Rodney in green googles. Heheh, I REALLY wish I could screenshot that.

Tense moments. waiting……….
And Ford is being, um, suspicious and- Nooo! Don’t hurt Zelanka!
So he steals the jumper, gives Sheppard an up-yours-look, and leaves.
Thankfully, this did NOT doom us all. Way to be a team player, Ford.

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood? But this didn’t really strike me as a specially good episode. *sigh*

McKay: "You guys need to be prepared to put your butts on the line to protect me."
Weir: "Rodney!"
McKay: "The ZPM. Protect the ZPM at all costs. And me."

Weir: "Mckay, you can take the rest of the day off."
McKay: "I am going to curl up in bed, with the largest sandwich I can find."

after several certain-death experiences)
Weir: “I truly thought—“
Sheppard: “Yeah, yeah, I thought the same thing about you a minute ago. We’ve gotta stop that.”
Weir: “I’d like that.”

Weir: "They make you stronger, so they can take more time to kill you."
Carson: *sarcastically* "lovely, isn’t it."

Sheppard: "At least the sheild’s up and running."
McKay: "That only buys us TIME."
Sheppard: "I *like* time."

Caldwell: “Can we submerge the city again?”
McKay: “It’s a city, not a yo-yo!"

Weir: "So what are our options?"
Mckay; "Let’s see, we’ve got slow death, quick death, painful death, cold lonely death…"

Ford: “I could have shot you a couple times by now.”
Sheppard: “Well. I’m glad you didn’t.”

I like the death one. *chortles*


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