Always on the days when I’m inspired…

Wordcount: 307
Scenes: Hey you, yeah you. You know where you can put your nosy questions? Yeah, that’s right, in the blender. In the BLENDER.

My excuses for this day include: grocery shopping, making hamburgers, making potato salad, visiting with friends, making paper boats, spreading the ashes of a loved one, being trapped away from my computer, listening to hilarious conversation, supper, breakfast and lunch, family obligatory socialization, and exiling societal exiling expectations to be exiling social on exiling Saturday’s exiling evening. Meh.

I WANTED to write! *cries*


6 thoughts on “Always on the days when I’m inspired…

  1. I dunno, do you think I was in a profane mood? I got back in at 1pm, after CRYING and asking to be brought home- which everyone thought was hilarious. Untill I started reading and stabbing an orange. Not happy bob, not happy.

  2. O.o why did they think you were hilarious for crying??? That is evil and must be stopped! I have a squad of ninjas from my merc army, do you want me to deploy them?

  3. Maybe because I was laughing at the same time, and making a ponytail on the top of my head? It was an ugly scene.

    Thank you for you ninjas, but it would probably be MORE awkward if you killed them off. *sigh*

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