Sir, we have another problem, our new heading. We’re on a collision course with the nearest star.

Now let’s watch some Dr. Who- I mean- Stargate. *cough*

I don’t understand why there aren’t more Sheppard’Weir shippers. The Carson’McKay shippers do WAY more with WAY less in terms of smiles, private conversations, looking happy to see the other person- oh wait, someone we’ve never seen before is dead.

Does Caldwell wear mascera? His eyes look funny.
Also, he’s exerting his authority all over the place.
Heh. Injured pride.

This one has very little backing music. It ends up sounding rather claustrophobic. I like it. ^_^

Sheppard is disturbed by naked aliens. Who knew?

Now we have music, while McKay and Linstrom look through the computer logs.
And now they’ve got some kind of poison. Linstrom takes refuge in an air lock, and- ew.
That’s a nasty way to die. Especially panicking.
No, calmness wouldn’t help either. Ouch.

And Caldwell is getting all up in a knot about not trusting the civvies, which I find ironic. You know, knowing what I do about his eyes, and stuff.

Flashback! I like Carson.
Simon, on the other hand is a complete and total *un-kendra-friendly word*

So we know that the people are being killed by a Virus, which is written by the Wraith.
I don’t understand how translating binary into Wraith is even possible. But I’m probably just dense.
Also, why was Hermiad not killed by the Virus? This confuses me.
Everyone’s so angry….
Sheppard is lame, McKay is a shrill, Weir asks obvious questions, Caldwell also asks stupid questions. Wow, the writers were just AMAZING on this epicode, character wise.

Mmmm, Sheppard is now stuck in a little fighter, and everyone is being dense. Wow, is everyone still hung over from shore leave?

Pointless Sheppard flashback, and then McKay gets his act together!
I LOVED this the first time around. Was I just in a better mood? Or wacked from lack of sleep? Or what? Maybe it gets more better. Like my grammar.

Now we watch from the security cameras as attractive young scientists and uniformed young men pose.
Flashback in the darkness! Yep, Weir is available, young men! Do you like intergalactic travel, linguistics and diplomacy? Do you spend more time grooming your hair than buttoning your shirt? Do you favour serious looks at every opportunity? You too might have a chance!

Oh, and we’re also on a collision course with a sun. Knowing how this ends take a bit of the tension out of it.

Chess. Hehe. THERE"S the McKay I know and have a love-hate relationship with!
Hehehe, McKay’s beaming stance is amusing. However, why did HE beam all in one peice, and when they beamed Sheppard out of the ship he unfolded?

Yeah, this does get better as it goes along. Gotten over the hangovers, they have.
Oh look, it’s the token black dude!
And oh look, it’s a bunch of red-hats! They’re so CUTTTTTE.

That is actually very cool, the little F302 following the ship.
It’s like a Manta Ray! With guns.
DOGFIGHT. *is a fan*
It’s not the best engine noise ever, but still awesome.
Hehe, don’t get sick Rodney! That might be a bad idea. With all the gravity jumps, and stuff.
*dances the Victory dance*

heheh, the defeated slump of the nerd who doesn’t really get to drive the fast car.

And we get home, and McKay has a sunburn. *chortles*
Also, Elizabeth is married to her work.

  Weir: “Hey, what are you doing up so late?”
Sheppard: “Couldn’t sleep. Must be the burden of command. You know, ever since I was promoted to Lt. Colonel.”
Weir: “All right, John, it’s been almost a month. When are you going to stop trying to bring that up in every single conversation?” Sheppard: “You’ve gotta understand, there’s a lot of people in the Air Force who never thought I’d make it past captain.”

McKay: "The camera must have malfunctioned."
Sheppard: "Right before he was killed? Interesting coincidence."

Weir: “Major Sheppard’s record before he joined my team doesn’t concern me. All I can tell you is that if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. And as for his rank, if that’s not good enough for you, you’re just going to have to promote him.”

(about Hermiod, an alien)
McKay: “You know, galactic hyperdrive technology is kind of new to us, so we need his help.”
Sheppard: “Is he supposed to be naked like that?”

Sheppard: "What’s to stop him from watching through the security cameras?"
McKay: "Assuming, it’s a a "he.""
Caldwell: "Who on board has the technical skills necessary to do something like this?"
McKay: "Almost everyone. That’s what you get for assembling a team of brilliant scientists."

(about to beam Sheppard back onto the ship)
Sheppard: “So I’m still in range?”
McKay (to Weir): “Well, we’ve never actually tested it this far.”
Weir (over radio): “Rodney seems to think you’ll be okay.”
Sheppard: “That’s good. Wouldn’t want to leave any parts behind.”

*after beaming* Weir: "Are you all right?"
Sheppard: "Sure. Two arms, ten fingers- check the rest later."

Sheppard: “This is what I do when I have problems with my laptop, I turn it off and then I switch it on again.”
Weir: “I think this is a little bit more complicated than that.”
Sheppard: “I’m just saying that if we’re taking a page from the John Sheppard book of computer repair, we’re really desperate.”

Sheppard: "At the risk of repeating myself, I thought you said it was gone."
McKay: "It was! I must have missed something."
Weir: "And now it’s going to crash us into a sun."

McKay: "It’s the virus. It’s thinking ahead, anticipating our moves, like in a chess game."
Sheppard: "I hope you’re good at chess."
McKay: "I actually don’t play that often, it’s hard finding challenging opponents."

Sheppard: "You know Rodney? You’re exactly right. It’s a limited supply of air. So why don’t we conserve it by you not talking. At all."


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