"I’m going under/ Drowning you/ I’m falling forever/ I’ve got to break through…"

Word Count: 2,385

Scenes: 2
Teh Made Of Awesome: That would be the Head of the School. Man, you are SO pro. And you’re double-crossing Jole so hard, which makes me happy. Er, sorry, Jole. *cough*
Yes, I’ve been listening to Evanescence. Lots of Evanescence. Kay, I need to sleep now. I’m starting to get quite worried about cramming the end of the story in, so yeah.
  1. Stop writing this,
  2. get to sleep,
  3. regrow language part of brain.
  4. worry about total lack of grammar later.
  5. Consider possible suicides
  6. Make sure everyhody’s life sucks
  7. stop writing this
  8. seriously, stop typing
  9. surgically remove laptop from hands
  10. think of chocolate….
  11. there we go.
Night all! *waves and hobbles off, back and neck providing percussion section*

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