I blame today’s word count on the fact that I fed the vampires.

Word Count: 1,730
Scenes: 1
Despite its lamentable word-count effects, I am resolute that donating blood is awesome. Just think about it. You go and sit in little plastic chairs and watch the various stages of nervousness around you, and you get to closely observe the different stages and types of fainting, for the mall fee of being prodded with needles and drained of your vital fluids. Plus you can save up to three lives. 😀 Which is a nice way to make up karmically for the day you spent torturing, drugging and seducing. *cough* Ahem. Plus, you are medically required to eat sugary things afterwards. Is there anything more awesome than that? I think not.
Oh, oh! And also, where else is it just assumed that you’re a druggie (other than airport security,) and you have to show your needle-track-less arms to prove it?
I rest my case, awesomeness is proven.

Here, have some excerpt. Not from today, I don’t trust any of it from today. 😀

Gratuitous mind-rape, this way plz!

However, the NOT SLEEPING bit of donating blood is BAD.

Just a thought.

23 thoughts on “I blame today’s word count on the fact that I fed the vampires.

  1. Yes, yes we do. 😀 This stems from a late-night one-up-manship competition, which ended with the exchange;
    “I just shot two of my characters!”
    “Well, I just mind-raped ALL of mine!”
    Since then, it's been pretty much mandatory, at one point or another in the story. ^_^

  2. *cackles!* Wheee, excepts!

    Also, yes, mind-rape… (dare I hint there is much of that to come in Wolf's novel?) We does love mental torture, precious, yes we do. %-)


  3. Also, I confess that exchange makes me want to write the academy scene so I can answer chirpily, “Well, I just killed all of my characters! Except one. Who's now under torture.”

  4. And I WANT TO READ THAT SCENE. Actually, I want to read a non-book about the academy. %-) Or more Incy. (Hey, even Incy in Faerie!)

    I'm sorry to shock and shatter your illusions, Snazel. O:)

  5. Yesss…I might be able to half justify an academy book if there were more plot than “lalala happy CRUNCH screamingblooddeath lalala some recovery CRUNCHx2 NO DO-OVERS *off to lives of assassinhood and/or scholarship*”


    *hangs out baitlines for more plot*

  6. Heeee.

    If I were, for some reason, trying to persuade myself to work on the academy book, I could even pitch it to me as the breaking of the trio that Abattoir reforms (with Chance in place of Incy)…


    Or I wonder if I could actually make it part of Kit's book.


    (also, ARGH. *stabs Merc and Snazel for enabling!*)

  7. *absently offers gauze*

    But I REFUSE to have a prologue. Kit can kill the owlkin girl in flashback or something!

    *mutters darkly at enabler companions*

  8. Indeed we are upwards. 😀 *bounces*

    SPARKY….. *piteous look* You aren't sharing your writing where other people can READ it…

    Everyone else foxy is… *pleading eyes*

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