Blogging while in a car, it’s a gift.

Starting with my traditional opening, I keep meaning to blog! And then I don’t. Too bad I don’t have the mental download thing set up yet. I should get on that….



No seriously, there have actually been things happening lately. Last, hmmm, Friday, I went to a Concert! A Rock Concert! Yes, for real. *nodding* Also, in case you’re scratching your head in mystification and trying to picture, I wore my work clothes, including heels. Now you’re really concerned….

I have made an earth-shattering discovery. When one is at a four hour concert, after working for seven hours, one should not wear one’s uncomfortable shoes. Especially when one is prone to standing at a concert, for the aforementioned four hours. I mention this for your eternal edification, because I am A Merciful Person. Also because the next day I had to sit on my feet for eight plus hours to heal them, which COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. Yes. Bring shoes that are sensible to stand in.

Or, you know, sit down. But who goes to a concert to sit down? NO ONE WHO WANTS TO WIN FREE HATS, THAT”S WHO. *looks at what she’s just written.* I seem to feel strongly on this subject. Life is an eternal voyage of self discovery.

*cough* Anyhow. Yes, concert. Music. Bands. Kick drums which you feel in your chest. *happy smile* Sadly, there weren’t a lot of people there. When one family can double the size of the audience, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your marketing plan. Granted, this is MY family, but still. *tsk*

The first band that came out was a Praise And Worship type group, which is cool, you know, if you go for that kind of thing. I, personally, do not, but hey, do what feels right to you. Good on ya, men (and a woman). And most of the audience, seemed to like it. Which again, good on ya, man. *thumbs up* I kinda danced around on my toes and watched my little siblings alternate staring and headbanging, which is something worth getting out of bed to see. So that was that. Next Band, plz?

Then Dan Bursey, who is awesome in his own right and was serving as MC, came out and gave away t-shirts and magnets and hats, and sundry awesome things. See, people? If you had been UP FRONT, you could have won a wonderful trucker hat from a local gym! DON”T WASTE THESE OPPORTUNITIES. While Dan was giving away FREE SWAG, the next band was setting up. I’m watching with tolerant interest, expecting more Pentecostal Praise And Worship. Then the lead singer comes over and says “Hi, everybody. Um, we’re an instrumental progressive rock band. Prog metal, atcually. We’re, uh, not like everybody else, hope you like it.”

I think my reaction was somewhere along the lines of “YEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH”, but I could be mistaken. They were named Cachet, and were deadly. *happy smile* I have decided I like prog metal. They put on a good show too! The guitar player played blindfolded, and behind his back, and with his teeth. (No, not all at the same time. Give the boy a break, he’s only 16, he has to have SOMETHING to aspire too.) I will say now, that I voted for them. Oh, did I neglect to mention this? The audience voted on who was the best, and the winner would then get to make a 6 song EP, with Bulldog Records. That is the studio that shares a building with my house, for those of you who are CRIMINALLY UNINFORMED.

Then after Cachet, here comes A Life In Liberty. They have long hair, so I’m hopeful that this is also not Praise and Worship. Well, then they announce themselves as Metal Core. They have a “vocalist” who screams for 45 minutes. They head bang floor-to-ceiling in unison. What do YOU think? *grins* While this is not strictly my style, I like lyrics to be discernible, they’re still awesome live. And again, they’re all under 18. The drummer is 14. What is with that? When did I start going to concerts and feeling old? Oh wait, for me that was age 12. My bad. *cough*

My hair is still longer than the bassist, who is named Hammer- no joke- but only by about an inch. I fell it is important to share this important piece of info with you. Aren’t I considerate?

Oh, and then after the guys who obviously drink energy drinks via IV, that is the only reasonable explanation for their actions, on came another group! Sanctified, normally the most HARD RAWK of any concert they attend. They made a nice mellow ending for the evening. ^_^

Then we tallies the votes, and A Life In Liberty won the EP! *waves a cell phone* I did not actually do the tallying, I should make clear, which was good, because I had lost of my hearing by that time, as well as being unable to stand up- blame the shoes- and tired enough that my eyes were evidencing a tendancy to point in two directions at the same time. I’m gifted, I know. In addition to my savage rock-concert skillz. *gang signs* You know, when you’re as white as I am, acting as gangsta as I do kinda brings irony to a new level. Hyper-irony. Post-irony. Meta-irony.

I should wrap this up and let you all go back to more productive pursuits, like checking facebook.

Here, have some quotes!

Dan: “I was actually in a rap group once, a christian rap group. When I was 13, in Toronto. Hey, I’m an overweight white kid from Newfoundland, it’s only natural! Yeah. We all went to the Metropolitan Area Church, so we called ourselves M.A.C. Hammer. Yes. It was bad.”

Dan: “Does anyone know where the Ride Cymbal is? Joel has stolen the Ride Cymbal, cause I made that joke about drummers. I’m sorry Joel! I didn’t mean it! We love you, you’re a great *chokes* Musician!”

One of the LIL parents: “We’d like it so that you can actually hear the lyrics, you know? So we don’t have to download them to figure out what is being said?”


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