Initiate hyper-enthusiasm- GO!!!!!

I suppose I should finish talking about the life changing fall out of the concert before I move on, eh? WHO’S WITH ME????

Right. *cough* Yes, I do not have enough coffee in my system to manage Hyper-Enthusiasm, so I’m just gonna spare you all the eyeball-bleeding that it might induce in the unwary audience. Plus, it might make my head hurt. So yes, *dials it back*
Just read everything else in this pose in a soothing whisper. *nods carefully, so as not to jostle tender brain tissue*
The concert was lovely. ^_^ I traded half my hearing for a hat. But- the hearing came back, while the hat stayed with me, its new owner. I inspire loyalty in inanimate objects and senses, clearly.
Then at the after party- which I totally attended, have I mentioned that? I’m connected to the industry, after all. *smug* It was announced that A Life In Liberty had won the EP. You can listen to a sample of their previously recorded stuff here.
*pauses while you listen*
*lets you repair your eardrums*
Yes. I think the music speaks for its self, don’t you? So they’re going to be hanging around my house for the next month or so.
I feel like I should make a witty and/or smart remark about RAWK STARS here, but I will instead defy convention, and refrain. Good for the soul, restraint. Oh, and Cachet, being all underage as well, was invited to participate in the Janeway CD as well, raising money for our provincial children’s hospital. You can see a sample of them on stage, with really abysmal audio, on youtube- here. But it gives you a sense of it! I actually am really excited to hear them in the studio, because that’s the kind of music I can enjoy recorded, as well as live. And they were pretty great live, too. 😀 Did I mention that little guitar player buddy played with his teeth? And behind his back? And blindfolded? Yes. That is my weekly quota of awesome, right there. 😛
I think, that’s all I have to say right now. Those bands have both shook on coming to record, which is dramatic and gives me a conversation starter with my friends on the mainland. “Hey, have you heard there’s a Metal Band living in my basement?” *grins*

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