TGIO, Nano 08

It’s done.

I’m done.
This weight on my back for the last eight months is gone? *doesn’t know how to deal with this strange lightness*
*slaps self*
Okay, sleep is clearly in order. But first, some stats! *cheerful smile*
  • Word Count: 1608
  • Scenes: 3
Since Nov. 1 08
  • Word count: 284,232
  • Days: 293
  • Word Count Per Day: 970
Since Bahnree’s Death Threats
  • Word Count: 78,432
  • Days : 44 (I think?)
  • Word Count Per Day: 1,783
*goes off to eat watermelon and laugh madly*

7 thoughts on “TGIO, Nano 08

  1. *beams*

    Thank you, Bahnree! Your motivation made ALL the difference. 😀

    Well, Sparky, maybe for you people would set an actually reasonable goal? Or you would bloodily immobilize your inner editor and pull words out of your feather hair sticks? I HAVE FAITH IN YOU. 😀

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