I have internet back.

A blog post must be written to celebrate this.

Tragically, I have nothing more to say. *cough* Ummmmm. It’s my birthday next week! I hold out hopes for cake and coffee.

*tries to think* Speaking of coffee, I should get some more. GREAT IDEA, SNAZEL.

(And it seems like all my friends have friends or relatives in the hospital, which is weird.)

Yeah, I definitely need to practice blogging more often, I have no skills! No skills… *goes off to make coffee in a bit*


2 thoughts on “[INSERT WITTY TITLE HERE]

  1. I must admit I read this initially as internet back – as in, a physical ailment one gets from working too long on the internet.

    But, er, congratulations – I think, if I'm now reading this right.

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