Yes, Yes I was listening. *beams*


Kendra: "See, it’s dangerous when I’m talking to you, cause I basically agree with anything you say, just cause you said it."
Jasmine: "Incest is cool."
Kendra: "Okay!"

Kendra: "did you say you got tied up and some man played with pretty fire? I call that a win!"

Jasmine: *Looking at a copy of Sinbad, Legend of the Seven Seas* "Oh, that’s a great movie! I love Eris, so much!"
Kayla: "Yeah, you kinda remind me of her. In the way that you’re seductive, salacious, scheming…"

On the internet:
Jasmine: "(8) Hold me closer/ I’ll make every dream come true!"
Kendra: "Do you mind? I’m trying to write a kissing scene here! I did NOT need that!"

Stephanie: I rarely hurt myself topic-jumping, but thanks for your concern!

Stephanie: RITUAL COMBAT??????
I LOVE ritual combat!!!!

I’m amused that I’m a Neil Gaiman fangirl, even though I’ve only read one of his books? And I was a fangirl even before I read that?
I think I became his fangirl when Emily told the story about listening to NG croon porn in her ear

Wjat sjpi;st O dpt fpr ,u 21 borjdau?
I should offset my hands correctly
Stephanie: lol
*tries again*
What should I do for my 21 birthday?
just have a party ^__^

so yes
I did not "tell her about Jesus"
but I did tell her about Ariquinas

You realize our friendship is going to be very damaged if i have to kill for you.

Jasmine: Isn’t Ponyo voiced by a boy, though? Ermmmm, a Jonas? Or Miley Cyrus’s little brother? Or maybe I read that in a nightmare…
Zack: I hope I’m reading that comment in a nightmare. If I’m not, I think I’m going to have one tonight. But ONLY – IF – I – GO – TO – SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP… *staples eyes open*

Dean: *talking about how our mail always used to be opened* "We would ask people, "was that letter taped closed when you sent it?" And they always said no. It stopped about a year ago. *pauses* I stopped saying "bomb" on the phone, maybe that helped."

Courtney: "It’s just, before people know me they think I’m so quiet, and then once we get to be friends I loosen up and they find out what I’m really like!"
Jasmine: "I used to think I was just naturally quiet, until I met Stephanie and Kendra."
Stevie: "And then you found out just how loose you can be!"

*Listening to We Will Rock You.*
Sam: *Age three* "I like this guitar song!"
Dean: *At the same time* "The guitar player sounds drunk."

Walking into a music store.
Sam: "We will rock you, we will rock you ohhhhh, ‘tars!"

Dean: "If God is a creator God, we necessarily can see some part of him in his creation. We can see that he is interactive, that he is social, because his creation is. We’re social creatures. Even you, Jasmine."

Stevie: *watching an infomercial* "I think I need a slap chop." *pauses* "Jasmine, I just said I need a slapchop. You should just Slap Chop me, back into reality!"

Dean: *talking about the people who deliver the paper, who won’t give us their contact information* "Should I just go up to them and admit that I do, really, have the clearance to handle this information? I mean, I have never met people so secretive! And I worked for NSA!"

Music: "She’s hot, she’s a ready/ she’s hot to go right now/ she’s got to go/ she’s stop to go she’s got to do it now!""
Dean: "Should we be listening to this?"
Stevie: "Jasmine has her earbuds in, and Sam’s sleeping."

Jasmine: "Does anyone else think that movie could have been improved by killing more characters?"

Dean: "Before we might meet him, one thing you should know about George, he’s Gay."
Jasmine: "Oh."
Dean: "It’s one facet of an extremely good, very kind man."
Stevie: "I know, and have you seen the pictures of Facebook, of him and his partner? Such a beautiful man, I think he’s an engineer- it’s such a waste!"

Dean: "Then area is being gentrified, which means that it’s not there yet."
Jasmine: "So don’t walk alone after dark?"
Dean: "So carry a gun."

Dean: "The tools people use change, people don’t change. We go all the way back to Cain and Abel. You have something I don’t, so I don’t LIKE you, so I’m gonna attack from behind and remove you. Only now we fly planes into buildings and drop bombs by remote instead of picking up rocks."

Stevie: "So how are you going to celebrate finishing recording your EP?"
Pat: "Sleep."

Customer: *As he’s leaving.* "Sorry for that, I didn’t mean to insult you!"
Linda: "No problem, no problem." *leans on the counter* *through gritted teeth* "Just gotta keep the smile on a little longer…"

*On the phone with Visa Centre, which is asking for all kinds of personal information*
Linda: "My area code is A0A 0A0."
*aside* "And my last period was a week ago. Seriously. how much do you want?"
*Into the phone* "My Cell phone number? You want my cell phone number?"

(At A Pet Show)
Emcee: "You have a chinchilla, eh? What does he eat?"
Kid: "Nuts and Salt and Vinegar Chips."
Emcee: "I could be a Chinchilla!"

Dan: *at a concert* "Does anyone know where the Ride Cymbal is? Joel has stolen the Ride Cymbal, cause I made that joke about drummers. I’m sorry Joel! I didn’t mean it! We love you, you’re a great *chokes* Musician!"

(verheard teenage flirting)
"I always wanted a gay best friend. That’s why I hang out with you!"

Dr. Lisa Goodyear: "I moved out to Vancouver for my residency. I forwarded all my information, and the staff got together, all eager to meet my Partner Shannon. I’d like you to imagine my their expressions when my rugby-playing husband Shannon Kelly walks out with the kids."

Dr. Goodyear: "No, the last time I was on vacation, I spent two weeks in Hawaii running after a two year old, and he spent two weeks in Ireland."
Shannon: *grins*
Dr. Goodyear. "My butt did not hit a deck chair for the two weeks- you know it’s bad when the familes you were on vacation with come up to you and say "I felt so SORRY for you…":
Shannon: "They’d have felt sorry for me too, there were a couple mornings when I woke up REALLY hung over."

(Watching a slideshow of events over the week of a Pirates And Princesses camp)
*after one guy turns up in a prom dress about six times*
Weary Parent: "That’s my son!"

Stevie: "You combed your hair though, you don’t look like you’re on drugs."
Terry: "Yes, I’m in rehab now. Thanks for noticing."

Mr. Smith: "Kelly has her office upstairs in the front room, and then in the basement I have my room, which I share with the Furnace."

From a CommunityChannel video:
"And I mean, if he doesn’t like you, after he sees this, you’re just going to have to go back home and put some more makeup on!"

Guitar Player from the Goo Goo Dolls: "Sometimes I think it’s a good thing that we spent 10 years touring and living in a van and no one heard us. We learned to play our instruments."

From a Taylor Swift video
"I just wanna point out, that true friendship means sharing your lip pencil with your bass player. *pauses* I never knew what true friendship was till now.

"Mom wants to see more leg, this is weird."


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