“… Keep an eye on Rush.”

And… we’re back! Scott is taking charge, silly Scott. I wonder if his current squeeze made it through?
Rush is being devious.
So James (Squeeze) DID make it through! ANd everyone knows..…
Oh, the Doc knows that Rush is stealing things!
What the heck now. Rush just did something with freaky rocks.
Eli continues to be jolly. Squeeze, on the other hand, is doomed to die. And or so is the blonde creature?
I sense the gate tech.
Rush explains the communication stones.
Rush says that he’s been placed in charge.
Only I don’t trust Rush.
Most everyone doesn’t trust Rush either.

Ming-na’s chick is flexing her information/power muscles.
THIEF! *calls an alarm*
Scott’s found an elevator, and a floating ball?
Hahahah, the floating ball belongs to Eli?
Scott and Eli bond, and Eli is stalked by a Kino.
Rush is finding- problems with the CO2 scrubbers.
Chloe and her dad are fighting.

Rush seriously scares me.

We found a leak!
We found a suicide mission, that’s what we found.
This ship is full of spies and secret agendas.
Hahahha. Eli pulls a McKay.
Rush is being, uh, nasty, and picking people for the suicide mission.

Chloe goes after Rush. GO CHLOE!!!!!
Rush says that none of this was his fault. No, you just took advantage of it.
He’s promising no wasted deaths. You Machiavellian bastard.
Col. Young is up!

Scott is making magical moments with Chloe. I’m suspicious. *glowers at Scott*

Rush is guilting Eli with science.
And Col. Young is dialling.
Rush thinks this is bad. Why is this bad?
I don’t know why it’s bad, but we’re in a new place.
We’re in a new place.
I like Riley!
Eli is going planet-side! And so is Rush?
hahahah, Eli puts on his hat backwards.


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