I thought you could do the seducing, you’re cuter.

So I was cleaning up my hard drive, and I found a file of quotes from this lovely book. And I thought I’d share! Cause I’m just that cool.

Cathy’s Book

"I have a new plan."
"we’ve got to find Victor."
I blinked. "Victor the low-down double-crossing drug dealer?"
"But he’s rich. It’s always important to cultivate acquaintances of high net worth."
"There’s no upside dealing with poor double-crossing drug dealers."

"The situation calls for desperate measures."
"You want to find Victor, seduce him, and wheedle a million bucks out of him."
"I thought you could do the seducing. You’re cuter."

"We are going to find Victor," Emma grated out, "and then you are either going to marry his butt, or we are going to turn him in and collect a reward."
"You think the cops have a bounty on him?"
"I didn’t say it had to be the cops."

"You can’t really skin prawns with a potato peeler. You ought to be able to, but after a while there are all these flimsy bits of carapace clinging to your fingers like torn contact lenses. And legs," Emma said with a shudder. "Little wet grasshopper legs everywhere."
I looked again at the spiky, shiny things in her hair.

"I think we’re pretty much past stealth," I said dryly. "If someone comes, we’ll go with the demented girlfriend excuse.
"It’s got the ring of truth, anyway."

I grabbed her arms. "Whoa. Break-&-Enter Grrl didn’t sign up for Grand Theft. Stalking Victor is romanic, remember? That’s what a jury would think. Stealing that painting is 7-to-10 in a women’s prison with a cell-mate named Butch."

"If you have any good ideas for a miracle rescue, now would be the time."
Before I could speak, the door banged open and Little Sister ran in, wild-eyed. "Papa! The police are here- Dozens and dozens of them! They came in helicopters- I saw them arresting Wei Po and his men!"
Victor stared at me. "Good job," he said at last.

"I know you’ve just been shot twice through the lungs and all, but horking up gobs of blood is sort of dragging down a romantic moment here, V."

"I still think your daughter good girl. Except for time start car on fire. Then… little worry."


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