"All I want is tentacles…"

Wordcount: 1296

Scenes: 3. Kinda?
I really wanted to finish this last night, but even with the addition of Pepsi, I was still tired. And I wasn’t writing anything good, so now I’ll write it in the morning! GO GO GO!

Adeleid inclined her head to him. “Danke, Hoheit.” Her shoulders went back, and her head up. “It once was part of a pair, but I say to you now, a man came to my house, and by secret means obtained the pair to the glove, and stole it. I accuse that one.” She pointed directly at Ritter Sebastian.

There was an audible intake of breath, and fixing of attention on Ritter Sebastain. The Emperor looked at him. “Ritter?”

The man laughed incredulously. “I’m sorry to deprive you of a scandal, Hoheit, jeerharten Frauen, Herren. But I have never seen this woman before in my life. She must have the wrong person.”

“No,” Adelheid remained adamant. “I know the man. It is certainly him.”

Ritter Sebastain started to laugh again, and then downgraded it into a chuckle. “I swear, Fraulein, you have the wrong man. I’ve never seen you before.” He looked around him, and his smile faded in the face of the room’s mood. They didn’t believe him, that was clear.

In the back of the room, a whisper started. “The executioner’s already set up…”

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