"Operator, Operator, I’m just fine I’ll call you later."

I decided to start my nano playlist with the plan suggested here by Merc.

This is the result.

  • K: Skinny Love, Bon Iver.
  • A: Rock Star, Nickleback
  • R: Rise Again, The Rankins
  • M: A Song For You, The Split Peas
  • A: Vultures, John Mayer
  • P: Cloudburst At Shingle Street, Thomas Dolby
  • O: Just For Now, Jill Barber
  • L: Parallel Lines, Dave Gunning
  • I: Coldfront, Amie Miriello
  • C: Scottische, Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers
  • E: Isolation Blues, Charlie A’Court

I don’t really know what to say.


I don’t listen to much of this music.

Uh. right.

Anyhow. Moving on. (Cloudburst at Shingle Street? WTR?) Nano is FAR too soon. This deadline approaching quickly, in addition to The Swine Flu (TSF) reaping down swaths of my town, are bringing my stress level up a bit. You see, with TSF rolling over the area, people are falling ill. I, traditionally, do not fall ill unless it is stress related. Which– would put me in line to sicken this time. Darnit. But to date I remain hale! This means I’m picking up more shifts at work. My bank account likes this. My nano prep file does not. My nano prep file, in fact, was written over a year ago, most of it. *cough*
But in other news, this year I have recruited most of my family to do nano! It’s true!( Though I still don’t believe it!) I started with singing the praises of Nano to one of my siblings, who is 13. I have done this for the past fourteen months? Finally, however, I mentioned the Young Writer’s Program, which is for those below the age of 18, and you can set an age-appropriate word target. An THEN, miracle of miracles, she decided that it sounded good! I, of course, seized the opportunity to register her on the site, and celebrated.
Then, the second miracle happened! My smaller siblings (and I mean under the age of ten) wanted to join too. “She gets to write, why can’t I?”
Me: “Why can’t you? NO REASON. SIT THERE WHILE I TAKE AN AUTHOR HEAD SHOT FOR YOUR PAGE do you have a character list yet?”
*happy sigh* SO that’s every sibling who can write, who is under the age of 18 (so they can set their own word count,) registered. I was content. Oh, and my mom decided to sign up as the Educator and watch their word counts, which was jolly. But to make it doubly jolly, she decided to write as well! I don’t have words for my joy!
I actually don’t have words. It’s 1 am. Why am I still up? Right. I should fix that. Byes!

6 thoughts on “"Operator, Operator, I’m just fine I’ll call you later."

  1. Yeah, I'm so excited for you about your family joining you! I'm starting to get a little nervous myself. I didn't make it through last year at all and I really, really want to this year. I guess we'll see what happens. umm…about your playlist….ummmm…..yeah :^\

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