Late Quotes!

Zack: innasec
Snazel: stares
Snazel: rudely
Zack: stares back
Zack: with blank, empty eyes
Snazel: is soulless, being a woman
Snazel: wins
Zack: shit.

Ken: and then I just bought 6 dollars worth of 50 cent paperbacks from the book sale
Ken: in under five minutes

Snazel: wow, writing YA kidnappings is a hard game
Snazel: *has ten whole words*
Bahnree: O.o
Bahnree: haha having a hard time transitioning from expendables, then?
Bahnree: XD
Snazel: yeahhhhh
Snazel: 😛
Bahnree: "YA? What""

Ken: well, I like you in all forms of life
Ken: including spambots

Snazel: *sings* Pater noster, quies in chaelis…"
Victor: "Are you putting a curse on me?"
Snazel: "That was the Lord’s Prayer in Latin."

Victor: "What’s the difference between a Jew and a PIzza?"
Riley: "I dunno, you cook them both?"
Victor: "A pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven."
Riley: "Nice, totally racist!" *they high five*
Me: "…"

Bahnree: wow i love browbeating microsoft word into doing what i want

Bahnree: i have just an adorable faith in humanity
Bahnree: i always think the best of people
Bahnree: and then they’re like no, actually we want to rip out your intestines

Neldor: this story doesn’t feel too PG right now though just the feel of it…
Neldor: the vibe you send


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