Sock sorting explained!

I was going to talk about sock sorting!

*looks around vaguely*
Wasn’t I? Yes, I was.
I even put in the title of my last blog post. And then instead I apologized to everyone in the world. Which, you know, is definitely the best use of my time and life, etc. Who wants to hear about socks when you can GROVEL?
Oh, you say you do?
Fancy that. Well, I shall attempt to talk about- socks.
BTW, if if you don’t want a look inside my head at the moment, you should START READING HERE. It’ll be better for your sanity.
Now, *cough* there are several people in my family. In fact, we usually have to use three of those “family packs” that you get a regular grocery stores. And I’m not even going to go over “family vacations” for five people. I laugh in their general direction. My family laughs with me. Ha ha ha. Ha hah. *cough*
As a result, when we do laundry, it’s a rather- intensive- undertaking. Our laundry machine was out of commission for a few weeks in the summer, and we’d have to go to the Laundromat. When we did so, we would regularly take over the entire Laundromat for hours at a time. ~Oh, it’s that family again- I’ll come back tomorrow.~ You could just see that thought go through people’s heads when they walked into the building.
My dad does the laundry now, because it is -frankly- a task that requires military precision. But as you may have had occasion to notice at some point, if you’ve ever done laundry, socks all look alike. And it’s not considered socially wise to go about staring at people’s socks, to figure out who those striped socks with the red and the green belong too. (Putting aside the issue of white socks, which are HARD.) So we have an epic family sock-sorting every week or so, after breakfast.
Yes, I just used “epic” and “sock” in the same sentence. My family is just that awesome, okay? If we start into something, it just gets more special.
Hmmm, I was going to describe the sorting, but it’s the kind of thing that only really can be communicated in person. Come and visit, and we’ll sort. ^_^

2 thoughts on “Sock sorting explained!

  1. FILM IT!!!! OMFJAM!!!!!

    That is awesome, though. It sounds quite efficient! Even with only 5 people living in this house at the moment, when I do laundry I still end up with about 3 pairs of socks I have no idea who they belong to. Then I wander aimlessly around the house, begging for someone to give the poor socks a home.

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