But this police offer looked rather like the one at dispensed with that idea."

Word count;

  • Daily: 1,443
  • Overall: 24,582
So due to work, drama, and dance class, the only time I had to write today was in the car on the way to dance class. Because of laptop issues, I couldn’t see what I was typing. This led to some. Rather. Interesting spelling. And Grammar. And a few instances where I already have no idea what I was going for. Here, have a sample. 😀

Nanami recoiled and snatched her hand away. “Just checking to make sure you’re still alive, eyebrow.”

Ewan checked his eyebrow “No thinks to you.”

were you evan paying attention? It IS thanks to me.”

::what, you dragged ma long?”

:{;eas children, let’s fight later?
” Larua milled and handed Briskly a pair of gloves to Nanami and Ethan. I know you are so in love, but please keep your lover’s spats for other places? the police might get the wrong idea.”

Ewan glared through out from under bruised eyes. “We are not lovers.”

‘ANd we won’t be.” Nanaoi interjected. in case Laura might get the wrong iead. “No plans for it.”


Laura smiled again. She smstepped forward and up to the wicked. “Hello, I’d like to register a complaint? Mase she he doesn’t pass out, kay, Nammy?”

“Nammy anand Ewan looked at eachother in mutual anger, and then standed and stared at Lura in mutual pretending the other person wasn’t there.


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