"Pour me a heady dose of atmosphere…"

Word Count;

  • Daily: 1,334
  • Overall: 32,917

Yes it was fail. Yes I’m out of town and internet and computer range for the weekend. Moving on. Fire is pretty. True story.

Have an excerpt that doesn’t have to do with anything. YAY LAMENESS.

“I’m back!” Adam headed up the stairs to his room and started unpacking.

There was knock on his door. “Adam?”

“Come in, Mom.” He looked up from the backpack and smiled patiently at his mom. She finished wiping her hands on her apron and hugged him. She smelled of dish soap and whole wheat flour, as always.

“You have the best timing! I just put a pie in the oven!” She smiled at him as she took the bag away from him and started unpacking.

“No, mom, I can do that.” He tried to take the bag back.

“No, I’ve got to make sure you don’t have anything immoral in here.” She commenced busily unpacked clothing and laid it out on the bed. “How was your trip, dear?”

Adam flinched and went to hang up his jacket. He’d gotten rid of anything she wouldn’t approve of, he was pretty sure. Had he checked all the inner pockets? “Uh, great. I got the job? The travel was a bit long, but we made all our connections okay. “ Good thing he’d had the idea to check through the bag that had been packed for him. Mom would not have been happy to find the contraceptives.

“Where did you go?” She frowned at a band t-shirt. Darn, he hadn’t thought to check the clothes for content.

“Uh, I can’t tell you.”

She paused and looked at him. “What was that, Adam?”

Her son scratched at his hair and smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry, mom. We had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.”

She stared at him. “Well, I never!”

Adam looked down. “Sorry, Mom. They deal in a lot of confidential information.”

His mother snatched the bag off the bed, along with the clothes he had already unpacked. “Well, I’m going to wash this. “ She left the room in a huff. “Dinner is in half an hour, and youth group is tonight, if you’re still interested!”

“Great! I am, Mom.” Adam called down the stairs, and then flopped onto his bed and groaned. “That went well,” he muttered under his breath.


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