No, you don’t get a title. You haven’t EARNED a title.

I do a lot of internal monologuing, which is why the byline of my blog is what it is. But I don’t share all of it. Because frankly, no one needs to hear me when I get really adolescent. Sometimes I cringe at hearing whatever I’m griping about now. My whine sessions usually end with hilarity, and all is well. And today the hilarity was such that I think I SHALL share it. I found myself consoling myself with this gem;

“Christianity is not a vending machine! It’s not an- insert faith/good works, receive book deal/cute boyfriend/ travel tickets- deal!”

And then I laughed at myself and continued on. 😀
I made butter toffee today with Fraulien! No you can’t have any. *gloats* And Yesterday we had a fire across the street. It was t’mendous exciting. I don’t know why I felt the need to write that in a lisp, but there you go… ANYHOW! (this is a good song)

When the chimney looked like this, Mommy called the Fire Department.

They all started arriving in state! So I started leaning out the window and taking pictures. Of Course.

We have a Voluntary Fire Department, so people were arriving still in their work clothes. I saw two pharmacists arrive, for instance.

The inside was all fire, so they did mysterious things with a pike and a chain to put it out. I didn’t understand, but it looked cool!

Safety first. That’s all I have to say…

And then the fire was out and life continued as per normal.

With many power lines.

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