Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr

I hadn’t been reading, and I mean for months. Since I want to be a writer, (as you may have noticed,) this seemed unwise. I finally went to the library and stared at the YA section, and then pulled out a book with a shiny blue-purple cover.

The shiny-cover-method did not let me down. The enclosed book turned out to be exactly what I wanted; exciting, adventurous, romantic (and salacious at times,) and frothy. I can’t say that it was the deepest book I’ve ever read, but I liked it a lot. *beams at shiny book*
The plot is thus. Aislinn has always seen the Fair Folk, which is a bit of a family tradition- her grandmother can too. But, given the faeries’ lamentable history of gouging out the eyes of people with the Sight, she knows not to ever aknolwedge that she can see, hear, or does in any way notice the hordes around her.
This becomes harder when a beautiful/tasty man name Keenan shows up at her school and shows obvious interest in her- and she knows that he’s faery. Court Faery, none the less, and he’s been stalking her outside of school too. Of course, it is slightly easier for her than it is for the rest of us mere mortals, because she has an even more beautiful/tasty man friend named Seth who lives in a steel house and is also showing obvious interest in her. *Sigh* Amusingly, we’re seeing this from inside Aislinn’s head, so Keenan’s pretty smoothness is barely even mentioned in the face of Seth’s piercings and ink. (Soooo much hawter. *smirk*) From there, drama, court intrigue, and romance happen, and it’s really lovely.
While this book was wonderful and I want my own copy, it feels a little bit disjointed and or/muddled. I know it’s arrogant for me to say this, given my own skills, but this was a debut novel, and I think it shows? Certain plot points didn’t mesh into each other as seamlessly as I would have liked. Once I thought about it things were clear, but I did have to stop and think about it. However, the one part that really irked me because it wasn’t explained turned out to be a herald of the next book. So I’ll forgive that. 😀 And any disjointedness just made me more eager for the next story, to see how she improved!
Which next book is currently on order at the library. HURRY UP POSTAL SERVICE. *cough* I gave it four stars out of five.

3 thoughts on “Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr

  1. @Daisy: They really do work! The music industry says “people listen with their eyes first” and it's true for books too. But “reading with your eyes first” doesn't have quite the same ring.
    @Bahnree: You should put it on your CHRISTMAS reading list. True Story.

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