They say acceptance is the first step…

This quiz comes courtesy of Liana Brooks from and a moderator at AgenQuery Connect.

“In my desire to help others, I have created a quiz with some of the common symptoms of book slut behavior. If you have one or more of these symptoms, you too, may be a book slut.”
Does this sound like you…

  1. You read more than one book at a time, sometimes even more than one in a day. (For a while I wasn’t doing this, but I recently backslid. *cough* I currently have six books on the go?)
  2. You can’t pass a table of discounted books without feeling that you might be missing out on something really good. (People pass tables of discounted books?)
  3. You belong to at least one book club. (Sadly, no. Unless you count goodreads?)
  4. As you are nearing the end of one book, you are already thinking of the next one. (*Combs hair out of eyes* Yes? And?)
  5. It stresses you out that there are more delicious books in the world than you can possibly read. (Um. Food is optional, right? I can, I mean, I’ll live a long life! I’ll stick to only a few genres! I’ll read fast! *weeps as reality strikes*)
  6. You will read anything. If it is a book, you’ll read it. And probably even enjoy it. (No, I have standards! I won’t read trashy romances- anymore. And I don’t like horror, unless it’s written by certain authors, and uh, Christian Fiction! I don’t like Christian Fiction! Unless there’s nothing else to read…)
  7. Book workers, i.e. booksellers and librarians, know you by name. (I’ve been offered three jobs, they know my file from memory, and they knew me when I was twelve. *pause* Whut? Whut?)
  8. For you, reading isn’t just an in-bed-before-you-fall-asleep activity, you will also read in public if the opportunity arises. (I’ve been told off for reading in the middle of parties, but come on. That conversation just wasn’t interesting!)
  9. You carry books with you–just in case you find an opportunity for a quickie. (You mean you don’t?)
  10. You try to hook others by gifting books or by promoting your favourites by saying things like, “Everyone is reading this and they love it. Just try it.” (Not just one, very much. Well, only with my close friends and cohorts.)
  11. You will take a free book even if you aren’t interested in it. (Don’t knock it till you try it!)
  12. There aren’t enough bookshelves in your house to hold all your books. (Heck no. I’m using orange crates and banker’s boxes and the top of my dresser and the floor.)
  13. Friends describe you as an ‘avid reader.’ (No, friends describe me as insane. People who don’t know me either think I’m a reader or photographer, weirdly enough.)

If you replied ‘that sounds like me’ to 1-2 of the above, you have begun exhibiting signs of being a book slut. There is no immediate cause for concern.
If you replied ‘that sounds like me’ to 3-5 of the above, you are in significant danger of developing into a book slut. If symptoms worsen, seek support. You do not need to go through this alone.
If you replied ‘that sounds like me’ to 6-9 of the above, you are a book slut. Seek support immediately.
If you replied ‘that’s sounds like me’ to 10-13 of the above, you are a book slut of the highest order. There is no hope for you. Embrace your book slutishness and repeat with me (loud and proud), “I am a book slut!”

I am a book slut!
(Srysly so. heh.)

4 thoughts on “They say acceptance is the first step…

  1. Haha the only one that wasn't true about me was the one about booksellers/librarians knowing me by name….and they MIGHT know my name, they just don't want to admit it. XDDDD
    Great quiz.

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