December Quotes.

So there aren’t very many, but hey, I’m not observant. ^_^

After Nano
Banhree: seriously
Bahnree: I would ship Ken/Charlemagne

Ken: One hour left.
Ken: You gonna be okay?
PCB: 760 words left
PCB: here comes Sephiroth.

Ken: all the purple bars in my writing buddies makes me so happy
PCB: bars in general just make me happy

Neldor: there is no doubt, I can write icky steamy touchy feely ickyness if i need too

Neldor: My mom says I should avoid using gifts as revenge.
Neldor: Heh

Banhree: i apparently have a ton of friends with december birthdays
Banhree: geez, people
Banhree: rachel, neah, zack in just the past 2 days
Snazel: So inconsiderate of them.
Banhree: seriously 😛
Banhree: keep yourself in the oven until january
Banhree: wow I’m rude today
Banhree: Rude and not ginger

Daddy: Our job was to die in a loud and grotesque manner for as long as possible, until the regiment got there.

Angie:*Talking about two students who might come and record at the studio* "… and they’re friends."
Daddy: "Really. Platonic friends? Or-?"
Angie: "Oh certainly Platonic. Platonic. I think he’s batting for the other team, actually."
Terry: "And she hangs around with him so that other boys will leave her alone."
Angie: "Her boyfriend’s at university, see."
Terry: "So, friends with benefits, just not the benefits you’re thinking of when I say that."

(I had just said something bitter and sarcastic, as usual.)
Daddy: See? Somewhere, there is a poor, deluded fool for who THAT Is exactly the balm to his wounds.
Me: He’s just out in the world, being beaten up and disillusioned. Maybe he’ll get here soon?
Brother: No, he’s not bitter enough yet. Still sane.

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