Public Service Announcement Under The Influence Of Too Much Sugar

*blink blink blink*

I- I- I won a book. I WON A BOOK. See?
I’m a little bouncy over that. JUST a little.
*takes a minute to run in small circles, gibbering excitedly*
I don’t win things very often.
So, book-rant of that will be forthcoming. Also book rants of the EXCELLENT things which I have been reading lately, including a confession about twilight. *cough* And an update on the writing-which-is-not.
Wow, I haven’t even eaten very much sugar today, and I’m still quivering. Oh, and also I’ve been trying to blog every day except sunday, (just to let myself have a day to rest. *is biblical*) but I don’t think I can keep that up. I would enjoy it if this was solely a book blog, but I also have to write, and I can’t keep up with a book a day, plus day job, plus writing, plus family-enforced sociableness. 😀
So from now on, I PLEDGE to blog at least twice a week, with at least one book rant, and one update about the sorry state of my writing. That’s all folks, I need to go finish Fire, and stake out the post office!

8 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement Under The Influence Of Too Much Sugar

  1. Congrats on winning the contest! I know those can be exciting.

    I feel your pain about trying to find time to write and then update the blog with book reviews. I think I might cave in myself and only write reviews for certain books.

    I hope that Fire is an enjoyable read. It is on my to-read pile on my desk.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (also I heart the bat-country picture XD)!!!!! WHOOO GO YOU!

    What??? you have limitations??? When did this happen? JK 🙂 Twice a week is a good plan.


    OH and that purple fedora? Yeah, that's the SAME EXACT ONE I have. Except mine has bling, but she took hers off. Tis obvious.

  3. Hehehehe I'm lazy and bored so reading some of your old blog posts…I LOVE THE PHOTO ON THIS ONE MUCH LOLZ. I want it for my own. I want a poster of it to put on my wall.

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