Beautiful Creatures, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

~*Contains Spoilers*~

Ethan lives in Gatlin County, where no one ever leaves, no one ever arrives, and nothing ever happens. He’s going to leave though. He’s got a box full of college brochures and is all but counting down the days till he’s free of the town. Two more years of high school and he’s GONE.

But then he gets to school, and there’s someone NEW! A girl, none the less. Interest is at a fever pitch until everyone finds out that she not only is weird and “not our kind” (She wears black nail polish and writes on her hands, For Example. GASPAGE,) she’s also the niece of the town’s resident Crazy-Old-Man-Who-Lives-In-A-Haunted-House. But Ethan thinks he kind might like strange girls named Lena who write on their hands and admit to liking books, plus she kinda has pretty black hair and green eyes and *Ethan stammers off incoherently*
Oh, and then strange things start happening around Lena, and Ethan starts having visions, and freaky dreams, and new people show up in town, (which right by its self is a new variety of freaky thing,) and Ethan and Lena spend time looking at eachother and blushing.
They’re such DORKS about liking each other, I loved it. *beams at them* I loved when Lena tried to sit away from the mean girls and accidentally sat them in the make-out-zone of the theatre, I loved Ethan giving her a present on her birthday, I loved the picture of them poring over a book translating latin, and I just delighted in how they dealt with each other. *hugs them* And this is kinda a spoiler but I also appreciated that when they found that Lena might not have much time left with Ethan, they did not immediately jump in bed with each other. *appreciates*
And I loved the side characters. *looks at side characters*
Well actually I just loved Lena’s relatives, and Link, and the ancient Sisters. Most everyone Mortal didn’t do it for me. Sorry… I liked Amma at first! And then she brought out the bones and my interest fell through the floor. I just- don’t find bones scary. I never have. They’re Crunchy when you step on them and sometimes they’re jointed but most of the time they’re just weirdly shaped. And then she’s suddenly a medium? *interest shrivels and dies* And I never liked Miriam, sorry. *cough* I DON”T KNOW WHY SHE JUST DIDN”T DO IT FOR ME. *wails* I REFUSE to be apologetic about not really being a fan of the cheerleaders and football team. REFUSE.
I also REFUSE to be apologetic about loving Link and Ridley, and lurving Link/Ridley. I SUPPORT THIS RELATIONSHIP TO CONTINUE.
So, yeah, most of the characters I either loved, or was tolerant of. (The Aunt who is a Palimpsest? I adore her. The Principle? Pawn and Puppet, I’ll be in my bunk.) I just, didn’t like the plot. *guilty admission*
Maybe I am not sufficiently versed in this genre.

Or my shiver-buttons are all not located in places like Bones and Mud and the Moon, which apparently are deeply wrought with fell significance. Perhaps I am just too northerly to understand a southern book.

I gave it three stars out of five. I will read the next one just in the hopes my questions are answered. And to see Ridley and Link hook up. *nods* And to see Lena and Ethan continue to blush at each other and be awesome.

I just don’t understand….

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

  1. I think this sums up my feelings too. The characters were mostly amusing and enjoyable but the plot ruined it for me. I found myself skimming some pages, looking for something to happen. And then the ending totally ruined the entire book. I *hate* it when all they want to drag something out to sell more books. This book should have wrapped itself, and something should have happened with the moon since it was the focus of the whole thing, and then any further books could have had new challenges to face. How much more exciting would the next book be if Lena had gone bad?

  2. I'm not so sure that Lena isn't going bad. Some of the things she's doing are unsettling me. But I wouldn't say the ending ruined the whole book for me- for one there's a lot of book to ruin! 😀

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